Students’ Perception towards Online Classes


Traditional educational systems all over the world have been closed all over the world due to the covid-19 outbreak. So, many educational systems are shifted to online education. The online education system has kept the academic system and activities going. However, the forum and the way of online classes are not completely understood by the students. The technical limitations and appropriateness of appliances stand a crucial challenge in learning. Experts have researched these problems. At the same moment, it has also been hard for developing countries. As per the research result, most students can respond and are ready to opt for online classes to manage the course burden during the pandemic. The majority are using smartphones and laptops to attend online courses. Most of the students prefer recorded classes as they can learn without facing problems. Students’ preference is to handle a weekly test to make the online studies more effective. Internet connectivity has made online education hard for those who live in rural areas. This is a daily challenge that students face. Some so many students’ perceptions can make online education even more effective.

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Since the pandemic 

In March 2020, the covid-19 pandemic was spreading out of the limits. In pursuance of that, the educational institutes were called closed immediately as it was a red alert. At that time, lockdown and social distancing were the only methods to slow down viral infections reach. However, by closing schools, there was a lot of loss in students’ life. Therefore, an online educational system was encouraged, and while the pandemic online education system became the fastest growing trend. Schools all around the world started to teach online. The virtual class environment is different from traditional classrooms, which affects the students’ motivation, focus, and interaction level. It was hard to manage all the things on very short notice. The online classes were only efficient if designed correctly. This was the only fact that can make the online classroom and traditional classroom the same, and online courses will be considered. Get the idea from, Quran Reading Course.

Perception and preference of learners

The current technologies and techniques allow us to study to design online assignments and presentations in so many ways. It is very much important to know the preference and perceptions of students. Acknowledge more of the activity learning as it helps to hold learners’ interest, and you will know how willing they are to participate in a particular activity. Ask the perceptions and preferences of the students in related literature. Make a debate and discuss that literature thoroughly. This will activate the learner to participate in the virtual class.

Learners choice to attend the online classes

Most people are engaging in their studies through the online educational system. Learners use the gadgets for attending online classes in which smartphones are the most used ones. If the institute suggests any application, they should be aware of whether it will work on smartphones. However, internet availability is most important for attending online classes. According to the reports, students have confessed that they find it hard to communicate with professionals from applications. So many students have voted for WhatsApp chat groups. Students find it easy to ask and discuss through WhatsApp chat groups as it is a more convenient option for students. Most people are also available on WhatsApp more than applications. Higher authorities should consider students’ choices because the sudden shift from traditional classes to virtual classes has been hard for students to adjust to. Keeping the presence and perception of students in the eye will be helpful for both teachers and students. There will be no need for extra efforts to be put in place.


Lastly, we have to say that students’ preference for online classes matters greatly. Because it has been hard for them to accept the sudden change in their education system. For that purpose, it is vital to comprehend their needs and thoughts as this will create the online education system more healthy and efficient. It will keep students updated and motivated. The presence of the teacher is also a reason for satisfaction for students. Agreeing on these facts will make it easy for students and teachers and make the learning environment better and more worthy at the same time.

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