Style Up Your Hair Differently With These Different Combs & Hair Brushes

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We always focus on buying the most expensive shampoos, serums & conditioners to make our hair look the best. But choosing the right comb or hairbrush is equally important. A comb or hairbrush improves blood circulation and affects your hair health. There are different combs and brushes available used to serve different purposes. Below listed are a few types of combs and hairbrushes.   

  • Neem Wooden Comb  

These kinds of combs are made of natural neem wood and hold medicinal properties and aim at freeing your hair and scalp from itchiness and dandruff. They also help detangle your hair gently. The neem comb price reasonably and are beneficial for your hair.   

  • Round shaped Hair Brush   

These kinds of the brush are used to give a curly or wavy touch to your hair. Brushing your hair with this brush helps add volume to your hair and make them look thick. You might have seen your hairdresser using these brushes while blow-drying your hair. As they help make your hair look stylish and give you beautiful curly locks.   

  • Flat Paddle Brush  

A paddle brush helps quickly detangle your hair. This brush is rectangular and has wide-spaced teeth. These kinds of brushes glide through your hair gently and give you a stress-free brushing experience.  

  • Lice Combs  

As the name says, Lice combs are used to keep away lice and nits. These are widely toothed to catch the lice and get them out of the hair.  

  • Wide Toothed Combs   

These combs are specially designed to detangle curly hair without breaking them. This helps make your hair bouncy and helps massage your scalp.  

  • Tail Comb for hair partition   

Tail combs help style your hair perfectly. The tail part is best to make the partition and section your hair and helps in making different hairstyles.   

  • Detangle Brush  

These kinds of brushes are specially designed to detangle your hair. The bristles are designed in a way to segregate hair knots gently. They save your hair against damage. These can also be used to distribute conditioner of hair mask evenly on your hair.  

  • Flat Brush  

Use these kinds of brushes to detangle your hair after a sleepover or after a shower. These are very compact and can be easily kept in your bag.  

  • Brush for Scalp Massage   

You might not believe this. These kinds of brushes focus on neglected areas of your hair and scalp, helps remove dead skin cells, and gently exfoliate and massage the hair scalp.  

  • Backcomb   

When you want your hair to look puffy and add instant bounce to your hair, it is advisable to use a backcomb to style your hair.   

  • Vented Brushes   

These kinds of brushes work like a hairdryer. The space between the bristles or teeth allows air to flow freely and helps dry your hair faster. It also helps look your hair bouncy and thick.   

Choose a hairbrush or a comb according to the need and purpose they serve and give your hair the care they deserve. 

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