The 5 Most Amazing Holi Party Activities To Enjoy This Color Festival

Holi Party Activities

For Indians, the festival is synonymous with celebration. We look forward to special occasions and arrange to celebrate them as grand a way as possible. With the onset of the spring season, we love to be immersed in shades of love and oneness. Yes, it is about the festival of Holi, with which religious values are also associated. It is a reminder of the victory of good over evil. People love to celebrate it with colors, apply gulal on the faces of their loved ones and share gifts for Holi. Not only in India, but this festival is also celebrated by Indians living in different countries all over the world. Almost everyone likes to play Holi in different ways. If you want to do something unique on Holi this year, here are five Holi party activities that you can follow.

Top 5 Holi Party Activities for 2022

Have an Eco-friendly Holika Dahan

A Holly-Related Ritual Is To Celebrate The Triumph of Good Over Evil In The Form Of Hughes Bonfire Lit On The Street. Holika Dahan is celebrating b burning Holika, which is a pyr made of wooden logs. Holi Celebrations The Killing of Holika B Vishnu to Save Prahlad, Ho Vas a Devoti of God Vishnu.

But thousands of trees are cut down to get wooden logs for this ritual. To save the environment, you can think of doing Holika Dahan in an eco-friendly way. Buy fewer wood for this ritual, but arrange more cardboard, coconut waste, and dung upalas. At the same time, you should also make others aware of this eco-friendly way of doing Holika Dahan to save the environment.

Play with Organic Holi Colors

The festival of Holi seems incomplete without colors. But it’s not good to play it with colors that can damage your skin. There are also some cheap, low-quality Holi colors available in the markets that contain harmful chemicals. They can cause skin allergies and rashes. To stay on the safe side, avoid buying them at all. Instead, buy organic Holi colors that are made from leaves, flower petals, and the bark of plants. They won’t cause any harm to your body.

Plan a Holi Party

The festival of Holi brings an opportunity to meet old friends, relatives, and loved ones. It becomes even more special when you meet all of them after a long time. Plan a Holi party for all of them to spread solidarity. Be creative when you design the invitation to the Holi party and send all your loved ones. Send the invitation digitally via WhatsApp or Messenger. You can also create an event page on Facebook and invite people for it. The more people will come to your Holi party, the better it is!

 Holi Treat for the Taste Buds

To please all the guests who come to your house for the Holi celebrations, you can think of arranging delicious dishes. Snacks like Kachori, Namkeen, Papad, Mathri, etc. are very popular for Holi. In the same way, you can also apply Holi special sweets like Gujiya, etc. to celebrate this festival. It’s something that all your guests will love. Holi party seems incomplete without delicious food. So, complete this by buying all these snacks and sweets online or from your nearest local store.

Buy Gifts

Apart from playing with colors and enjoying Holi sweets, you want all your loved ones to feel great during the festive time. With gifts, you can do that. For children, you can buy water guns or pichkaris, water balloons, etc., with which they can play. For adults, you can think of buying sweets or buying cakes to say ‘Happy Holi’ when you visit their places. With the gift of Holi, you can think of reshaping strained relationships.

Celebrating Holi most naturally is better than anything else. These are some of the popular Holi party activities that you can follow. Happy Holi in advance!

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