The Right Trick To Clean Your Carpet Thoroughly!

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We don’t need to define in detail the daily abuse that your carpet faces in your house. There is constant foot traffic on it with some dirt that comes from outside. You will also see lots of germs settling over it. And there are spills and stains on the surface as well. You need to clean it daily if you want your house to look beautiful and stay germ-free. Well, call it easier said than done. We all know that carpet cleaning is no joke, plus it requires lots of effort and time. But do you know the right way to do it?

The complete guide to cleaning your carpet perfectly! 

Apart from the daily vacuuming on this surface, we suggest you deep clean the carpet at least once a month (or a maximum of once in three months). Don’t let the surface stay dirty beyond that period in an active household if you want the best for your family and home. The easiest way out of this situation is to call the companies providing complete carpet cleaning in Sydney, like Carpet Cleaning Professionals Sydney. They arrive with their expert team and latest equipment, complete the carpet deep cleaning task deftly within a few hours, and make it look attractive (and germ-free too!). You don’t even lift a finger, and everything happens smoothly. But in case you don’t want to call them now, try the procedure we have listed for you below. It is the most recommended way of cleaning your carpets thoroughly.

  • Step 1 – Remove the dry waste from the surface – Your carpet needs to be free of any dry waste and debris staying over it to start the deep cleaning. Please pick them up or sweep them, ensure it is gone before moving to the next step.
  • Step 2—Vacuum the surface – Vacuuming the carpet also helps eliminate the fine particles present on the surface. It even makes the following procedure easier. Ensure you are not sparing any corners while vacuuming the floor.
  • Step 3 – Spot Clean the spots – Treating the stains at the start ensures that these don’t stay missed and make you carry out the entire cleaning procedure again. You can use the vinegar and salt solution to clean the stains or get rubbing alcohol to do so! (You can try some excellent carpet cleaning detergents in the market that are effective on these stains and don’t even harm the material and colour of your carpet.)
  • Step 4 – Start with the deep cleaning of the carpet – If you are dealing with a large area in your house, you can hire the carpet cleaning machines available in the market. These require adding regular carpet cleaning shampoos and scrubbing the surface to make it stain-free and clean. But yes, hiring these machines needs investing a lot of money. If you want to avoid this, you can start cleaning and scrubbing the carpet properly by yourself. Again, select the carpet cleaning agents that only leave behind a pleasant fragrance and a shining surface rather than harming your carpet. Don’t scrub the surface vigorously as it can spoil the final look of the place. Also, you should not miss the corners and high traffic areas of the floor and (especially) treat them if you want your carpet to look just like new. Don’t forget to get rid of the soap and shampoo by wiping the surface with clean water at the end of deep cleaning. 
  • Use a dryer to dry the carpets– Cleaning the carpet can’t be complete without drying it perfectly. It would be best if you were very sure that every part of your carpet is dried to avoid the future arrival of mould and nasty odour. You can keep the fans on, all the windows open, and even use drying machines to ensure that each corner of your carpet is perfectly dried. 

Tadaa! You just did one of the most challenging jobs of home maintenance in the easiest possible way. Aren’t you proud of yourself? Now relax, sit back on your carpet and enjoy your time on it without any worries. 

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By Michael Caine

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