The Truth About Women & Strength Training


While things have improved recently for women in strength training and for those wanting to do it, the myths around women not being about to handle it or how it changes your body still linger. Here is a look at three of the more common misconceptions and how strength training for women along with the occasional sports massage, Leederville or where you are, are very beneficial.

Misconception 1 – Lifting weights will make you bulk up

A lot of women want to have a slim and toned body but don’t really understand what goes into creating that. When asked about training goals, increasing muscle mass is the last thing they want. Women equate weight training with the bulky bodybuilders they have seen on TV. But this is not the case at all, and in order to create a toned look a part of that training should include increasing muscle mass. A training plan should have their performance improve over time so they lift more weights. As the muscle mass increases it generates that toned look while you also benefit from an increased metabolism. Seeing a physio Leederville can help with that training.

Misconception 2 – Lifting weights will cause many injuries

Another very common incorrect belief is that lifting will hurt your back and cause injuries. While it is true lifting without training and with poor technique increases the risk of injury, it is not true that lifting always causes injury. There are a number of factors in weight training injuries, form, technique, not increasing weight too quickly, fatigue, and so on. With a trainer and practice, lifting has many benefits. Working with someone like a physio for sports massage Leederville can help with any twinges and help with making the right movements to suit your body type. It is also important your trainer does a pre-screen to see if you are ready for certain exercises at your current strength and fitness level. Then it takes time to progress, learn the movements and add weight to the bar. A good exercise plan includes a balance of movement that includes cardio and weights.

Misconception 3 – Lifting weights post pregnancy causes prolapse / incontinence

A lot of women worry that lifting weights can cause either prolapse or lead to incontinence. This is not the case though as long as the program of lifting is adjusted to their needs. If you have just had a baby or suffer from pelvic or core floor dysfunction you should be assessed first by a professional physio Leederville or where you are. With a careful approach, women can actually improve their pelvic and core muscle strength with weight training. While it might be embarrassing to talk about such health concerns it is important to be open with your trainer so they have the information they need to design a safe and effective training plan for you. In most cases, your training is modified to allow you to continue lifting safely.

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