The Veteran Suicide Crisis Management

Thousands of veterans commit suicide annually. They risk everything, including family, to protect the lives of Americans, yet commit suicide at the alarming rates. In their years of active duties, they work under deplorable conditions, lay down their lives for their country’s sovereignty, and spend sleepless nights in war zones. It is quite sad that after all the sacrifice and when it’s time to reap the benefit of their labor, they end up killing themselves. This leaves the family members of the deceased in disarray. They don’t know what to do with the mess the corpse created. Who cleans up the mess left behind? The longer it stays the more challenging the cleaning task. Luckily, a suicide scene cleanup service can help out. They are specialists in handling suicide scene cleanup. The sight of blood and other body parts will further extend the grief period. To quicken the healing process for grieving family members and friends, the affected area must be thoroughly cleaned and decontaminated. A suicide scene cleanup service will eliminate any sign of death, so it doesn’t bring back sad memories. 

Statistics of Veteran Suicide

The US is home to hundreds of thousands of veterans and military personnel who have returned to civilian life. These heroic individuals who sacrificed everything and risked their lives to protect their country and the culture of the Americans commit suicide at an alarming rate. As a veteran, flashes of suicide come up. Deciding whether or not to give in to suicidal thoughts depends on the quality of the people around them and the support system. 

Ex-military personnel makes up around 10% of the US population, but it is surprising to know that they rank high on the list of groups with the highest suicide rate. The suicide rates among veterans are worrisome. It is most common among ex-military personnel who are unmarried, are white, never an officer, and left the military less than three years. 

Also, the veteran suicide rate is highest amongst those who are 50 years and above. Suicidal thought is more prevalent among male veterans than female veterans. Since 1979, more than two million veterans have committed suicide.

Thankfully, many organizations have formed to help tackle this menace. They organize and create awareness programs targeted at veteran men and women. In addition, they have volunteers who offer the right support service to veterans looking for help. With this campaign, the rate of veteran suicide will gradually reduce. 

Suicide and depression are one of the leading causes of death in the US. Do you have any veterans suffering from depression or exhibiting other signs of suicide? Reach out and provide them with support. Don’t know where to get help? You can look up many suicide support services online. Certainly, you will find one that’s closest to you. These organizations help veteran men and women transition back into civilian life. 

Loneliness can increase the risk of being suicidal. As a veteran with suicidal thoughts, learn to interact socially and connect with friends more often. 

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