Tips for Beginners Training for a Triathlon


It might seem a bit intimidating to consider training for a triathlon especially if you have never done one before and are a beginner at this kind of level of commitment. The thing is, just because you are taking part in a race does not mean you have to set lofty goals of winning and beat yourself up when things don’t go as expected. The key piece of advice experienced athletes and a triathlon coach offer tends to be, enjoy it! Try to enjoy the changes in your health as your fitness improves, enjoy taking part in the race, whatever place you finish. Here are some more tips.

Start with a sprint triathlon

Do not have your first race be a half iron or Olympic triathlon, they are longer and harder, physically and mentally. Start with a sprint triathlon, or in some cases, towns might even run a mini-triathlon which is a great option for your first time. Make sure you have a few months until race day so you have time to create a training plan and get yourself physically ready for it.

Get stronger at your weaker sport

A lot of people who do triathlons have one sport where they are weaker, and often that is swimming. So make sure you get stronger in that weak area so that you at least know you have the ability and endurance to complete the section. Go to a local pool, find a place outside to swim. Triathlon coaching is a good way to work on things to improve techniques and such.

Practice the transition

If you are intending to become a professional triathlete you need a triathlon coach and you need to get everything down perfect, including the transitions between sports. But as a beginner to the race, while you can spend some time practicing you do not have to become obsessive about it. Get used to how it feels to come out of the water and then move on to your bike. Also, get used to moving from the bike to the run. It does not feel normal or natural at first so the practice is to overcome that.

Don’t push yourself too hard

Take it slow as you are more likely to injure yourself or want to quit from going too hard too quickly. Build a good base first and then start to add more from there, more training, more distance, a faster transition, whatever it is. Save working on technical aspects for later.

Have a training plan

Whether with your triathlon coaching expert or by yourself but with research you need a triathlon training plan. There are plans online you can look at and adjust. Try to tailor the plan to be specific to you.

On race day get there early

On race day by arriving early you can ask questions, get the instruction and check out the others taking part. Maybe this is a chance to make friends and find a training partner or two!

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As part of this Matt transitioned from the world of Time Trialling into Triathlon in 2017 and progressed to multiple Age group and Overall wins. This learning process, along with taking on board specialist Triathlon coaches, has enabled MBPC to transform the cycling within many athletes in Triathlon.

Now coaching some of the best Triathletes in the world, including the likes of Tim Don, Will Clarke, Rachel Joyce and Susie Cheetham, Matt Bottrill Performance Coaching is taking the Tri market by storm.

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