Tips for Commerical Property Managers

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As part of being a property owner or manager, it is your job to ensure you choose a proactive maintenance provider to properly look after your commercial facility, including the grounds around it. Do your research into property maintenance Gold Coast and be sure to appoint an experienced and skilled company with a strong track record. Selecting the right business means the upkeep of your property becomes a lot easier. Furthermore, by ensuring the condition is adequately maintained, the property tenants are more likely to be happy. Here are some great tips for all the commercial property managers out there.

Have more than one contractor on call

There are different ways you can ensure you have all the contractors and skills needed for adequate property maintenance. It is rare to find a company that has every single skill you need under one roof. Here are some tips on who to hire.

  1. The main areas of care and repair in a commercial property are air conditioning, gardening, cleaning, electrical work, plumbing and general repairs. Therefore having 2 or 3 contractors should mean you have the workers to cover all those areas.
  2. You should look for building maintenance Gold Coast options who have experience and understand the job. Avoid choosing companies who provide low-ball quotes. A smaller budget can mean that shortcuts are taken and can backfire, especially when you discover you have hired a company who are inexperienced or under-qualified. Also, avoid choosing contractors who use cheap parts in their repairs, as it can mean that the repairs do not last as long. Be sure to appoint a maintenance provider that uses high quality parts for all repair work. Your tenants will appreciate the fact that you have hired effective and skilled contractors.
  3. Does the property maintenance business have a good reputation and respond quickly to calls? If you have an emergency situation or a breakdown, you will need peace of mind to know that your contractors will come out quickly to rectify any issues you encounter.
  4. Make sure anyone you hire for property maintenance Gold Coast is licensed and possesses the authority to perform the work. Also, make sure they have genuine qualifications and all the right safety training.
  5. Make sure you discuss with potential maintenance providers what measures are in place should there be a need for urgent repairs. It should include mitigating loss and damage, keeping people in the building safe and complying with insurance requirements.
  6. Make sure your property maintenance provider has a good reputation for communicating clearly and regularly. It is a good idea to have several means of being able to get in touch, such as email, phone and text. If you reach put and cannot get through, you’ll want them to return your calls swiftly.


To prevent future issues and your commercial property deteriorating, appoint a skilled and proactive company for building maintenance Gold Coast. Make sure all staff are licensed and trained to take on their roles. With qualified and experienced contractors, your property is in safe hands.

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