Tips for maintaining tube expanders

tube expander tools

If you are planning to install condenser tools, then one thing that you should not miss out is tube expander tools. All of us want the tubes to be in perfect condition to fit into the sheets. But the required diameter might fall short. At this point the tools can help you resolve the issue. A tube expander as the name suggests expects the tubes to be extended to the desired level. There are a few tips to consider for maintaining a condenser tube expander.

  • Before starting off with the process of expansion, ensure that the surface of the tube is free from external deposits. Recurring use of the tubes can result in corrosion. The moment expansion devices come into contact with the rusty devices it is broken or distorted. If there are foreign elements it can lead to pressurized joints. For removing these deposits employment of cleaning brushes is essential.
  • Before each use clean the expander with the prescribed solvents. It is going to remove the dirt, or the oily particles that is present on the surface of these tools. If the devices are not in the best of working conditions do not push them on to the tubes.
  • Before each use the expanders have to be lubricated. Opt for the prescribed lubricants that the manufacturers have prescribed. Mostly water soluble solvents are used for these purposes. To achieve the desired consistency you have to mix it with proper proportion of water.
  • The speed of rotation is a vital component of the tube expander tools. Do pay proper attention to aspects like dimension of the sheet or tube and even metallurgy of the tube. If you fail to choose an ideal speed it can decrease the life of the tools and even the tube might not expand as per the requirements. High speed could result in generation of excessive heat that is bound to have a major impact on the tool.
  • After each use give sufficient time for an expander to cool down. Before you store it clean them with the relevant solvents. It is a better option to have a couple of expanders in the kit. One of them might cool down whereas the other one would be working.
  • The moment rolling of the tube occurs, inspection of the mandrels and rolls properly is to be done. If there is a small chip it might have a drastic impact on the entire expander. If you come across such type of damages it is better to report them immediately.
  • When you clean the tubes or the expanders make it a point that you do not leave any traces of oil on the surface. The use of an oil could resist the pressure joints.

A cautious approach is suggested when you are using the tubes. A rolled tube can be corrected when you are just re- roll them. An ideal joint appears to be the one which appears to be leak tight and needs the required strength with cold working at a minimum level.

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By Michael Caine

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