Tips for Shopping for Rugs

Sometimes shopping for rugs Melbourne can be a daunting task, especially with so many different sizes, colors, types, and materials.  There are also so many ways in which you have to take care of them.  Some you can clean yourself while others you have to have a professional clean them.  When purchasing rugs, you want to also make sure it fits the room and décor along with your lifestyle.  Here are some tips to help you make rug shopping a little easier and less confusing.

  • Bigger is typically better when it comes to size—the size of the rug is generally dictated by the shape of the room and how the furniture is placed. If you have an open-concept space, a large rug is the best choice to anchor the room décor.  It will help to unify the décor if you can place all of the furniture on the rug, or at least partially on the rug.  This will help to create an area with a specific purpose.  If you choose a smaller rug, you can use it as an accent rug.
  • What care does it require—when you visit rug shops Melbourne, ask the owners what care the rugs you are considering purchasing require to be kept clean and new looking. One type of rug that is very durable ae the flatweave rugs, which you can find in acrylic or wool yarns.  When you see a rung that has a busy design throughout and/or is colorful, that is one way to tell it is durable.
  • Know your rug style profile—this refers to the type of rugs you prefer, such as some that are bold or neutral. Do you want something that is solid or maybe has a geometric pattern?  Make sure that whichever you choose matches your décor and does not clash with anything in the room where you will use the rug.
  • Be sure that the pile of the rug fits your lifestyle—what this means is that when you choose wool rugs melbourne, you choose the rugs based on how it will be used. For example, if you want a rug for a high traffic area, you would not one that has a high pile as it will get tramped down and collect a lot of dust.  Instead, choose a low-pile rug, such as a wool rug, which would be easier to clean. 

When you are shopping for rugs, don’t forget about a rug pad.  What they do is help to prevent the rug from shifting as you walk on it, especially if it is placed directly on a wooden floor or other slick floor surfaces.  Using a rug pad will also help to increase the life of the rug as it helps to reduce the friction of the rug against the floor.


It does not matter if you shop online or in rug shops Melbourne, following these tips will help make shopping for a rug easier.  It will help you be sure that you get the right rug for the area where you are going to place it.

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By Michael Caine

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