Top 5 Car Care Secrets Every Well Maintained Car Owner Swears by

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It is such a nice feeling to finally own the car you have always wanted to have. Owning a car comes with its own set of responsibilities. You want it to look as new and good the same way you put your hands on it at the showroom. It is an uphill task but not an impossible one. If one follows the rules religiously, keeping a car in the best condition becomes quite easy, if only one knows what rules to follow at the right time. So let’s get acquainted with a complete car maintenance routine that would make the car stay as young and as efficient as possible.

Refer to the Car Instruction Manual

The car instruction manual is there for a reason. You might be a car expert who must know tonnes of things about cars but every vehicle is different. Every vehicle has its own construction and every vehicle works on a different set of principles. Car manuals are provided to avoid and fix trouble during the operation of the vehicle as far as possible and the manufacturers know where the said vehicle could cause a technical problem. So follow the instructions always and carefully without using your “common sense”.

Change Lubricants Regularly

Every kind of vehicle uses so many kinds of lubricants in its engine for the smooth operation of the vehicle. Oil and grease are some of the most important lubricant oils used in all cars and vehicles. Their presence ensures avoidance of friction within and amongst the auto parts of the vehicle. These should be changed regularly for particle sediments build up over time in the auto parts that could damage the vehicle if not removed properly. Changing filters is also essential for the longevity of the vehicle. In addition to changing the lubricant oils, regular servicing and inspection of the engine is imperative.

Never Ignore Warnings

Most of the cars now have advanced systems that scrutinize every aspect within the vehicle, like temperature to whether you are wearing a seat belt or not. Trivial details are checked and reported, which could create a major crisis if left unattended. These warning systems are intelligently devised for the safety of the vehicle as well as the passengers. Such warnings should never be ignored for two major reasons, one is that it can prove life-threatening and the second being ignoring warnings can permanently damage the vehicle system.

Do Not Ignore the Appearance

Taking the appearance of your vehicle for granted both internally and externally can completely change the image of your car. A car can easily look clean and good if taken care of well. A car should be cleaned regularly and kept away from direct sunlight for longer periods of time. Places like Gold Coast are quite sunny and chances of car paint getting faded are more there. Therefore for car paint protection in Gold Coast, it is essential to park cars in dark places and wax the surface more often.

Tyres Need Inspection Too

Tires face the most wear and tear and thus need to be checked for their tread thickness to avoid car mishaps. 

A  service routine and careful driving is the key to a long-lasting, properly functioning car. A well-maintained and serviced car are safer to use than a vehicle that is not being inspected regularly. Maintaining a car in the best possible manner makes it appear good and function in the best possible condition. It also adds to the value of the car if you are planning to sell it. 

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