Top 5 Pan Asian Restaurants in Lahore to Try the Best Soups in Lahore


Restaurant a variety of cuisines. Research shows, there are 1196 registered eateries in Lahore alone, with 109 serving Chinese cuisine.

These restaurants were chosen based on their reviews, interior design, meal quality and quantity, and service quality. Also, if you have been a soup fan, Pan Asian restaurants severe the best Wonton soup and Szechuan Soup in Lahore. Today we have gathered and enlisted 5 top restaurants to try the best soups.  


Yum Chinese and Thai has been Lahore’s favorite Chinese restaurant since it opened in 2010. When guests come in for a bite, the management is dedicated to offering an exceptional eating experience. Yum eateries, which are located in the well-known neighborhoods of DHA and Gulberg, offer a dynamic and exciting ambience. Yum’s blend of modern ethnic décor and the charm of the gathering creates the ideal eating experience for families and friends. Diners may mingle, converse, and eat in a welcoming and pleasant environment.


This Chinese and Japanese restaurant has three locations in Lahore neighborhoods: Gulberg 3, DHA, and Johar Town. Because of its distinct flavor and taste, Novu has remained under Yum. Their indoor and outdoor dining areas are tastefully decorated, and they offer comfortable seating for family or social events. The competent employees and management take extra precautions while accommodating clients to ensure that there are no complaints. 

Bamboo Union 

Bamboo Union is Lahore’s first Pan-Asian Diner, and its cuisine quality and standard have remained consistent. The restaurant’s interior design is stylish, with comfy seats and wrought iron lighting. This gives off a relaxing and inviting feeling. The staff is friendly and courteous. Wonton Soup,

Char-Grilled Prawns, Chicken Corn Soup, Chicken Dumplings, and Szechuan soup are some of their most popular meals. Bamboo Union also delivers to your home anywhere in Lahore. It is does not only take care of adult’s taste, but also fulfills children’s palates. If you have children with you, don’t forget to look at their Kiddy Bowls on the menu. 

Rice and Bowl Pakistan 

The Rice Bowl was the first restaurant in Pakistan to introduce the single-serving bowl method, which quickly gained popularity. As a result, for students and young people, it is still the greatest Chinese restaurant. The ambience and excellent client service are priorities for management. This does not, imply that they are sacrificing on food quality. Johar Town, Packages Mall Food Court, and Gulberg are all locations for the Rice Bowl. They have established a fast delivery system that provides clients with hot meals.


The classic approach to atmosphere at EAST Chinese and Thai, along with the superbly prepared food, makes this restaurant stand out. The management also provides enough training and is stringent about service quality, with a particular emphasis on customer pleasure. EAST Chinese and Thai provide the real Asian Cuisine experience in Lahore’s most prominent, Gulberg-2.

A tasty appetizer can be a well-made soup. Surprisingly, research reveals that if your appetizer dish is excessively good, the main course would appear less attractive in contrast. However, you can get around this by serving the soup with a different cuisine’s entrée. Restaurants mentioned above severe, the most mouthwatering Pan Asian dishes in Lahore.

Bamboo Union is the one which comes at the top when talking about the best Wonton soup in town. One of the reasons it stands out all other restaurants is its delicious Japanese and Chinese dishes. If you have been craving for Szechuan soup don’t forget to visit or simply order through their website. 

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