Types Of Endodontics

Types Of Endodontics


As we have mentioned, through endodontics we manage to eliminate the affected pulp tissue, then we clean the canals and seal them so that the tooth is rebuilt and recovers its functions and aesthetics. But each tooth is different and needs proper intervention.  

Depending on the areas that are affected, 3 different types of endodontics can be carried out, each of them is aimed at carrying out specific actions that allow treating the affected piece and avoiding having to extract it.  

  1. Uniradicular endodontics: it is performed when the teeth only have a single pulp canal, that is, a single root. For example, the incisors and fangs.
  2. Birracular endodontics: it is carried out when the tooth has two pulp canals, that is, two roots, such as the premolars.
  3. Polyradicular endodontics: it is practiced when a tooth with more than two pulp canals is affected, that is, more than two roots. For example, molars.

In the root of the tooth, there may be one or two canals that must be completely cleaned and disinfected before proceeding to fill and seal them. These canals have different shapes and branches, so the professional who performs endodontics will take into account all these aspects to decide what type of treatment should be performed to be effective. 

How much does a root channel cost?

The price of endodontics and reconstruction will depend on various factors such as the severity of the specific case, the price stipulated by the professional who performs it, and the number of pulp canals affected. We know that you are concerned about how much a root canal is worth and it is one of the points that you take into account before deciding to go for a consultation.

But the most important thing is that you are clear that your dental health comes first. If we do not treat a condition of this type in time, it can become complicated and cause you to lose your tooth or the appearance of other much more serious diseases. Prevention is essential. Going to your dental check-ups regularly helps you check if everything is in order. In addition, it allows us to act in time in case you need a root canal to prevent you from losing that tooth that is affected. 

The first step is to go to your trusted dental clinic and let the professionals perform a review and check what happens to you and what treatment you need. After this previous analysis, if your condition has been examined and diagnosed as a single root channel, the average prices in this sector usually range between € 100-130. If it is a birracular endodontics the average is about € 140 and if more than two pulp canals have been affected, in this endodontics the price would be around € 190. 

However, it must be borne in mind that what is at stake, in this case, is your health, so we will always offer you the highest possible quality to always guarantee your well-being. After the initial assessment, we will offer you all the information about the procedures that will have to be carried out and the costs that will have to be carried out. We will accompany you throughout the previous process so that you can make a decision that will help you keep your teeth and gums healthy.

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