Ultimate jewellery for the Boho girl

Ultimate jewellery for the Boho girl

The Boho style is an actual phenomenon, which is all about being free in body, mind, and spirit. Although it has evolved over the years, the freedom to express your inner artist continues to be its true emphasis. Boho is short for bohemian, and the look is inspired by art, travel, and free-spiritedness. It is fun to wear and is the perfect way to express your lively personality.

Delicately designed, the Boho jewellery collection simply exudes style and class, making it the ideal option to inject a touch of day-to-day glamour into your look. Whether it’s about pairing different colours or mixing metals – there’s a new way fashion girls are sporting bohemian style right now and it’s good. Here we give you a lowdown on all the jewellery that make up Bohemian style and show you ways to create your own, stand-out statement.

Gemstone Bracelets

Pump some life into your ensemble through colourful and bright jewellery by wearing bracelets embellished with bold gemstones. The bright colored sparklers are unique, gorgeous, and are visually striking. Simply wear a couple of bracelets and it will create a delicate, minimalist appearance while still communicating that bohemian vibe.  

Chunky hoops 

Big hoops are simply a fantastic, and must-have item of jewellery for the Boho girl. Oversized large hoops are the perfect choice for anyone looking to add serious glamor with a Boho touch to their outfit. As one of the oldest accessories in human existence, hoop jewelry stands out from among all the beautiful earrings designs. If you are looking to make a statement then do so with a gold hoop earring with encrusted gemstones for some serious Boho style. With so many different designs and sizes, you can try different hoops in the same ear to bring about an invigorating look.

Layered chains 

From dainty layered chains to statement chokers and embellished pendants, layering is the perfect way to show your effortless Boho style in one go. Whether you go for simple white gold, glorious yellow gold or chic rose gold, it is sure to be a statement style piece. Don’t be afraid to mix different textures, lengths, and thicknesses. Go for maximum impact with statement-making pendant chains, from shells to unique shapes to full-on sculptural pieces to unleash your inner bohemian goddess.

Tassel earrings

Crafted from gold with an eye-catching liquid movement, the tassel earrings add bohemian flair. Stunning diamond earrings that are floral-themed are just right for the carefree look. A perfect way to underline your sophistication and bohemian style, they are designed to bring out that fresh look to your outfit.

Celestial-centric pendants

Mystical and forever sparkling, the beauty and elegance of moons, stars, planets, and all things celestial make them a popular subject to be depicted in jewellery. A glowing moon or star pendant is certainly a piece of jewellery that will catch the eye with its attention to detail. The celestial pendant featuring dazzling gemstones is the ultimate choice when you need to dress up for the bohemian style personality.

Hope these styling ideas help you understand how to infuse the Bohemian elements into your jewellery collection. So, maximise your collection with these bold and expressive jewellery to embrace your inner bohemian spirit and showcase your eccentric personality.

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By Michael Caine

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