Understanding Concrete Grinders

Polished Concrete

When you have polished concrete, Brisbane and elsewhere and you want to remove the coating there are a number of grinding options available to you. Grinding machines are used to remove coatings like paints or epoxy and chemicals, oils and such. You can also use them to smooth out irregularities in the raw concrete including bumps in both vertical and horizontal surfaces. A concrete grinder uses a wheel or disc that commonly has diamond chips embedded into it. The abrasion helps to cut and remove the coating and to smooth things out.

Lots of different grinding options

When you require concrete grinding Brisbane there are multiple options to consider when it comes to the machines and their configurations. Here is a look at three main grinding machines.

  • Multiple held grinder – These are usually grinders with 2 or more horizontal rotating discs. They are useful for a number of different jobs and their versatility comes mainly from the multiple different grinding attachments. There are different grits and types to suit different needs and they work on hard surfaces leaving it smoother and polished rather than abraded.
  • Hand-held grinder – These are smaller grinders perfect for small jobs and edge work. You can get them in dustless mode and they have a single head that is between 5 to 7 inches in diameter. It is very versatile, you can use it to clean paint, remove graffiti, fix an irregularity on a small area of concrete, remove worn coatings or even roughen up the floor surface in preparation for applying a coating for polished concrete Brisbane. They do not replace larger machines for bigger jobs but come in handy when there are tight spaces those large machines cannot reach.
  • Dustless grinder – The joy of a dustless grinder is that saves you the clean-up job that other grinders leave you with. A lot of dust is created when you grind a hard surface down, and this type uses a dust shroud so that the dust is collected. Not only does it handle the mess for you, but it also saves you time. Other work can take place in the area at the same time as the grinding, which is not possible with the other types. You do need to have a good vacuum dust collector and invest in self-cleaning filters too.

Choosing the right grinder

When it comes to concrete grinding Brisbane you need to have the right grinder for each job. Be sure to think about how old the concrete is as it hardens further the older it gets. Also, take into account what the coating being removed is and how that might affect the work and the tools you need. It makes sense to find and hire experts in Brisbane with experience who can bring the right tools and know which grinder works best for which situation. Not only does it save you having to buy or hire equipment you are not experienced with, it means someone else does the hard work!

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