Used forklift: How not to make mistakes during the purchase?


Forklifts, or forklifts if you prefer, are means used to lift particularly heavy loads by means of an electric motor powered by diesel or gas. Furthermore, this tool is equipped with two metal forks, located on the front, which are used to lift the pallets in an easier way. There are two main types of forklifts: the three-wheeled one, ideal for narrow spaces; and those with four wheels, to be preferred for larger areas. In addition, they differ in height and weight, but also in the options that can be added.

New or used forklift?

Forklifts are tools that are used in many sectors. For example, in the event that the goods to be lifted are not too heavy and the spaces to be covered are not particularly large, a basic model may be sufficient and consequently the purchase of a new forklift at a good price can be considered. If you need a customized model in different aspects, you need to consider purchasing a new forklift to be customized according to your needs. On the other hand, if it is necessary to use a more performing forklift model, but without particular customization, it is possible to save money by evaluating a used model.

However, several people who are not very familiar with the sector ask themselves the same question, namely: used forklifts how to choose them? The first thing to do if you intend to buy a used forklift is to carefully evaluate where you make the purchase. In the first place, it is essential to contact specialized companies that offer guaranteed used vehicles, also offering assistance and obviously a guarantee on the models offered. For Business growth Consult to lawyer

Furthermore, it is advisable to carry out checks to verify that the characteristics of the forklift correspond to what the seller announced. In this case we recommend a test drive to check the smoothness of the forklift’s movement, that there are no suspicious noises or maneuvering difficulties and above all, if it is a vehicle that meets your needs. It is then necessary to go to the counter, to compare the hours of work with those reported in the booklet; and finally to components such as tires, forks, mast etc. In addition to this, it is advisable to check the documentation, the identification number of the chassis and the CE mark.

Types of Forklift:

There are different types of forklift to choose from, both if you prefer a new model or if you opt for a used forklift instead. The container lifter trolley is suitable for lifting the heaviest loads. It is, in fact, a very robust and resistant model, which lasts over time. Thanks to its characteristics, it is also suitable for lifting residential containers. Here are some tips you should know to get the forklift license.

The side lifting trolley, on the other hand, is suitable for lifting particularly large loads, for example steel plates or other heavy materials and pipes. The front electric counterbalanced trolley has low consumption, is not very noisy and is characterized by an automatic braking system, which is why it is very safe for the operator. The order picker is suitable for particularly precise and fast lifting. There are also particular models, such as the telescopic forklift and the off-road one.

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