VoIP international calls I Which technology ruled the world for a decade?

VoIP international calls

Technological breakthroughs like VoIP international calls have made living in the digital age quite a thrilling and exciting experience! The pace is fast but it is worth pausing to look at how these technological advancements have changed and will change society in the future. The last decade has left us wondering about the innovations yet to come. VoIP international calls, digital payment platforms, and smart contracts are just to name a few!

So, tell me what do you think are you going to survive the digital age? Without further ado, let’s explore what the techies have in store for us!

1.1. All You Need to Know about IoT and VoIP

IoT is leading the charge in many ways. Almost every object is designed to enable internet connectivity. That implies the world has truly become a global village and we are the global citizens. Borders mean nothing NOW! IoT innovations especially the IoT Voice Application in the form of SIP or VoIP-based services are the next big thing. 

  1. International Phone Calls I The Truth About VoIP

VoIP service providers for international calling have become more important than ever. Several VoIP-based calling applications have made choice difficult for people. On the other hand, people have certain parameters for determining which of them stands out as the best. Let’s jump on the IoT bandwagon I How Slickcall is Changing the Landscape of International Calls

Slickcall is a calling app that allows people to connect with the world through quality voice calls. Being a VoIP-based platform, the app connects the call over the internet making it possible for anyone to have a great calling experience. The World is your Oyster

Roaming charges are the last thing you want to worry about while making international phone callsThe Slickcall app allows its users to call any mobile or landline number in 100 plus countries at reasonable rates. Referral Bonuses

Slickcall lets you gain some credit for recommending its amazing app to your friends and family! After all, why not? You get to earn bonus credit for inviting other people to avail of high-quality VoIP international calls which you can use any time. Calling Your Favorites made Easy

Want to make your calls instantly without jumping between options? Well. Wish granted! The international calling service allows you to make VoIP international calls to your favorite people with just a touch, thanks to the ‘Favorites’ option. 

All in all, it’s a good thing we have IoT to make everything smarter. It keeps us safer, wiser, and more connected to one another. Way to go, IoT!

2.2. Time to Upgrade Your WiFi

WiFi technology has evolved. WiFi 6 lets you enjoy a lightning speed about 200% greater than WiFi 5. The user experience is significantly enhanced when several devices are using the same WiFi network. The updated version of WiFi 6 claims to improve the overall performance and lower latency. WiFi 6 will be ideal for business and residential connectivity.

3.3. 5G Technology

One of the most recent advancements is the fifth generation (5G) wireless standard. It enables objections, machines, devices, and people to practically connect rapidly. With rates greater than multi-Gbps alongside other capabilities, 5G has also improved technologies like IoT systems, XR, and critical communications. The new technology will significantly change the way industries work be it healthcare, transportation, agriculture, etc.

4.4. Be Smart. Use Smart Spaces.

Network sensors powered by the internet make intelligent physical spaces called smart spaces. Buildings having motion sensors, maintenance monitors, temperature monitors, real-time cooling systems, real-time heating systems and public spaces having charging stations embedded in them help users to charge their devices on the go are some of the technological marvels.

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5.5. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are Trending

AI gives machines the ability to show human-like planning, thinking, creativity and learning. AI uses ML so that machines can improve themselves through learning without needing any human intervention. Good examples of this association include tailored ads, social media feeds, virtual assistants, search engines, and guidance systems

So, isn’t it amazing that technology always comes up with something bigger and better? Easy to use technology is something we can all enjoy especially when it comes to talking to your friends and family online. With Slickcall’s exclusive line of unique technology enabling VoIP international calls, you’ll always be at the forefront of what’s new! Read More

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