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This process uses membrane pressure to separate particles by molecular weight. In this case, the membranes of the ultra-filtration cavity fiber system (UFS) act as a filter medium and only particles larger than the pore size can pass through the membranes. These membranes are manufactured using special and advanced technology where high molecular weight material is used. The pore size ranges from 0.1 to 0.005 μm (200 000 to 10 000 Daltons) for a wide variety of applications.

These membranes are commonly used for the separation of high molecular weight materials, bacteria, organic and inorganic polymer molecules, and other colloidal materials. Compared to the reverse osmosis system, the UF system requires only 20% energy.

Other advantages

  • Technical data.
  • Wide pH range.
  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Lower investment costs.
  • No impurities remain as a result of chemical reaction.
  • Energy saving potential due to minimal pumping energy required.

Low molecular weight ions passing through the membrane are sodium, calcium, sulfate and magnesium chloride. Conventional filters (center filters/receptor filters) only remove suspended particles trapped in the pores of the filter medium. Thus, these filters must be cleaned or replaced regularly, whereas the ultrafiltration (UF) system is much cleaner and can remove almost all emulsified substances.

Ultrafiltration systems and ultrafiltration operating procedures

UF membrane systems are manufactured in both spiral and capillary configurations and have been used successfully in a variety of processes. Both configurations are widely used for high-purity water. Operating temperature and pressure are two factors that are directly proportional to permeate rate. As ultrafiltration membranes replace other filters that cannot provide as pure water, we expect ultrafiltration units to become increasingly popular. Contact us today for the best ultrafiltration plant services in Pakistan.

How does an ultrafiltration plant work?

Since ultrafiltration can make a big difference in your life, we would like to tell you a little more about the process. One of the most advanced and well-known water treatment technologies is the ultrafiltration plant. This technology uses a semi-permeable membrane to disinfect water from suspended solids and harmful bacteria.

The ultrafiltration plant is different from the reverse osmosis plant. It preserves the mineral content of the water and filters out bacteria, viruses and parasites.  There is a single membrane that acts as a barrier and separates large impurities from the liquid. The result is mineral-rich fresh water that is perfect for drinking.

How much does an ultrafiltration unit cost?

Water Logic Technology is the price leader for ultrafiltration units in Pakistan.

The cost of an ultrafiltration unit depends on a number of factors, including the size of the unit, the amount of water produced per day and the quality. Water Logic is a supplier of ultrafiltration equipment in Pakistan, committed to providing the best ultrafiltration equipment at affordable prices.

Compared to other water treatment systems, the price of ultrafiltration (UF) equipment ranges from 249,000 to 999,000 PKR. For those living in Pakistan, Water Logic offers its services in the country and they are not expensive. Get the best price for ultrafiltration systems in Pakistan

Modern And Highly Advanced Technology To Filter Water

Water is a basic necessity, a liquid that has made life around the globe thrive and survive. As much as it an important part of survival, not everyone in the world is fortunate enough to get access to clean, drinkable water.

This is why Water World has come forward to play its part in making it more accessible to those underprivileged. By setting up affordable and highly advanced ultrafiltration plants, we have ensured to make clean water available for all.

UF – Ultrafiltration Plants Reviews

Water Logic is one of the best ultrafiltration providers, hence being labeled as the first Pakistan ultrafiltration plants provider. Ultrafiltration water plants are used or cleaning water, and when it comes to our ultrafiltration RO system, we have the most advanced ones.

Are you planning to install this system and searching for ultrafiltration reviews? Then be sure that you are in the right place. Our filtration plants are ideal for both commercial and industrial use. Moreover, we offer these systems at highly affordable rates so that more people can benefit from it.

Water Logic’s filtration system is one of the most advanced and finest ones. We have made sure to get complete certification from the suitable authorities and only then introduce the worthy item to our clients.

Water filtration plant uses the most technologically advanced membranes that ensure each impurity is successfully left behind, pushing forward only clean water that is worthy of consumption.

Moreover, our plants can easily filter out water in higher quantities without compromising on quality. Thus, if you are seeking a reliable system, Water World is the one to look up to.

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