The use of the image of the penguin in web design

use penguin in web design

For many people, penguins are tender, especially when it comes to little penguins. In zoos, penguin enclosures always have a large crowd. Penguins waddle and lead an amazing lifestyle. Around these birds, there are many legends.

For example, it seems that penguins live in regions of ice near the poles of the Earth. Partner penguins are bonded in a loving loving relationship that lasts a lifetime, and they are extremely caring parents.
But the point is, most penguin species live in temperate or tropical climates. They are often unfaithful to their partners and commit homosexual acts. Female penguins often steal chicks from each other.

penguin GIF

By the way, except for a bird that accidentally arrived in 1956 with a fishing trip, there are no penguins on the island of Madagascar.

Penguin gif

But enough history, it’s time to move on to our sheep … uh penguins

Use of penguin image in web design and design

Any image can be used in website designing in Lahore. The cat, the fox, and even the octopus fit perfectly in various designs and projects.

You can therefore create:

Pages 404

The 404 page is an unsuccessful attempt to open something on the web. This is an automatic page that opens if the requested site or page cannot be found. So that visitors do not feel upset and nervous, it is worth making this page beautiful and interactive. Here are some ideas.

Christmas 404 error – Penguin family

404 penguin family

Christmas 404 error – Penguin family is a beautiful example of a 404 page. We clearly understand that the page is not available, but the image is very pleasing to the eye.

Cartoon penguin with lenses background for error 404

Penguin with magnifying glass 404

Cartoon penguin with lens background for error 404 Serious but cute photo for page 404. How will the famous Detective Penguin Holmes help us?

Penguin in a desert // 404

Penguin in a desert // 404

Penguin in a desert // 404 by  Lina Bo bright and beautiful design, which also clearly shows us that penguins live not only in cold lands.


Do you know which is the most famous logo with the image of a penguin? Well, who’s first? Who knows? Ideas?

Linux logo

Of course, it’s famous Linux. Linux is an operating system whose kernel is distributed free of charge. It consists of the system kernel and a set of small programs that interact with this kernel. By itself, without programs, the kernel is completely useless, but on its basis, you can build your own version of the operating system, the distribution. Today there are at least 9,000 Linux distributions, new ones appear regularly.

And besides, this particular penguin has a name. It’s called Tux. Tux is the official mascot of the Linux kernel developed by Linus Torvalds. TUX is an acronym for T Torvalds U or X. The very first image of Tux was created by Larry Ewing in the GIMP editor in 1996. Once Linus Torvalds saw this image, the penguin reminded him of the character from “Creature Comforts”.


As you can see, the logo has its own story which is important for the brand. But that’s the subject of the next post, and for now, take a look at what free penguin logo options we’ve found for you.


Designevo penguin art

DesignEvo logo maker can help you customize abundant penguin logo designs using thousands of professional logo templates. You can find great logo ideas in our many logo templates here, or just choose what you like and customize it with the powerful editing tools we provide for free.


freepik penguin logo

On Freepik you will find free and premium logo templates. Be sure to read the terms of use for the templates.


Vecteezy penguin vector art

Vecteezy offers you 6 variations of free and beautiful logos. I think they are suitable for sports team emblems and other flags.

Watercolor illustration

Penguins are excellent in watercolor. They can be used anywhere: on T-shirts, mugs, calendars, postcards, etc.

Emperor penguin watercolor illustration

Emperor penguin watercolor illustration

Watercolor illustration of emperor penguin conveys an amazing atmosphere reigning in the world of these amazing birds. It will look great on a photo album or on a wall in a frame.

Emperor penguin in the snow

Emperor penguin in the snow

Emperor penguins in the snow will look great on a T-shirt or a diary cover. A beautiful penguin made by a talented illustrator.

Three gray penguins

Three gray penguins

A very beautiful illustration that can be used anywhere. I’m sure everyone will love it, bar none. After all, little penguins are so cute.

Penguin pattern

Repeating penguin patterns can be a great help in creating various objects for web design.

Christmas penguins pattern Free Vector

Christmas penguins pattern Free Vector

The cute penguins in the atmosphere of the New Year will help you create a holiday atmosphere on any page.

Harmonious Penguin Pattern

Harmonious Penguin Pattern

Cute print with penguins to create interesting projects.

Christmas Pattern Free Vector With Christmas Elements

Christmas Pattern Penguin in vector form

And more penguins on the New Year’s background in web design. The association is lasting. Nevertheless, these adorable penguins will help you a lot in the creation of your projects.

Funny pictures with penguins

Well, a little humor. Let’s smile and start creating!

Funny pictures with penguins

Penguins are found in the most unexpected places!

penguin statue

If you have talent, you have it in every area!

penguin Linux  community
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