Welcoming A New Baby

New Baby

When there is a new baby coming it is an exciting time and something to celebrate whether it is the mother’s first baby or 3rd. As well as giving a gift of something for the baby, it is nice when friends and family also think of something to give the mother to let her know you are thinking of her. Martha Jean jewellery is a great choice, there are some lovely pieces to explore, but there are other great options depending on her tastes, your relationship to her and what feels right at the time!

First baby mother and baby ideas

If this is baby number one then everything is new and scary and they will likely need a lot more things. Small things like nappies and lotions and wipes and clothes, as well as bedding for the crib and so on. The list gets pretty long so a great source of quality babywear and bedding is Halcyon Nights. While you might think it is a great idea to just buy something, remember you are not the only one and the last thing she needs after having a baby is to have to deal with returning and swapping multiple cribs, car seats, swings, and so on. Ask her if there is anything left she needs and if she says it is all covered then go for more nappies, washcloths, and maybe a cute outfit. It is amazing how many clothes and such a baby can get through! For mother, you might think about giving her some meals for the freezer or gift cards for getting food in.

Not the first baby ideas!

Any number after the first then they are not going to need quite the same things, or even as much. A lot of parents re-use things, pushchairs, cribs and such. However you could get new bedding as sometimes the previous siblings might have stained the older bedding, and again nappies and such are still needed. You might get mother some Martha Jean jewellery, a charm per child they have on a bracelet, or even just some flowers to lift her and let her know you care. Again ask the parents what they need if you are unsure. It is possible they wish they had asked for something after baby one, and you can help them out by getting it.


Having a baby, whether it is the first time or there have been many is overwhelming. New babies are hard work and with other children around that makes it even harder. As well as treating her and her baby to a gift from Halcyon Nights you could also offer the best gift of all, time for her to do something for herself. Whether that is going to nap while you take over, or going out for a haircut, or taking a walk. You can alleviate some stress and make sure she knows having some time to herself is nothing to feel guilty over.

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