What are my options for T-shirt printing?

You are undoubtedly searching for t shirt printed near me or t-shirt printing near me if you even managed to find this. So, I don’t think it’s really necessary for me to proselytize to you the merits of custom T-shirts for your customers, your attendees or your staff. It is a powerful, oddly personal yet efficient way to make everyone feel like a part of something as well as a way for them to express their fondness for your brand or their support for your cause.

What I actually want to talk about is the technology behind custom T-shirts. How are these made, how many different ways can they be made and what are the merits of these different ways of going about it?

Obviously, custom T-shirts have been around for a very long time, and custom clothing is not a novel concept. Before industrialization, in fact, almost all clothing was bespoke to some level or another, but in an age of manufacturing, custom, made-to-order garments have a new meaning.

The earliest method of rapidly producing custom T-shirts was the silkscreen process, and a descendent of it still often referred to as silkscreen is still used today, being the most common and affordable way to create custom T-shirts or embroidery miami. How it works is actually pretty simple, but it used to be meticulous in practice. At one time, the transfer layer, the silk screen itself, used to have to be tented by hand, or from a woodcut stamp created on demand. Obviously, today, computers are used for this. A high-resolution graphic is provided by yourself, it is printed with special ink similar to the dyes used in the old days, and a similar heat process causes sublimation to stain the fabric. It is cheaper than it used to be and much faster, thanks in no small part to the absence of the wooden stamp, faster chemicals and better heating presses as well as more receptive fabric. This is affordable, it can have the most elaborate graphics, but it is also susceptible to fading over time from washing, UV exposure or just simple age.

A similar process can be used to put rubberized logos on shirts, something not done is commonly for custom shirts, and probably the least popular of the 3. A vector graphic is provided, and an automatic cutting machine slices different sheets of rubberized material, and then someone has to manually assemble these on the shirt, a similar heating process causing it to bond to the fabric. This one is costly, labor-intensive and tends to fall apart after a few washes, most T-shirt printing and custom shirt businesses recommend avoiding this one if possible.

Lastly, we have embroidery. This uses a similar machine, cutting the fabric off of Vector graphics, but modern machines may even be able to assemble and stitch these on automatically, as well as any embroidered lettering without having to be handled directly by an individual. This is the most costly of the endeavors due to the material, difficult equipment and so forth, and it does provide some limitations by way of graphics that printed shirts do not. However, it is arguably the most durable of the 3, and also the “classiest” for obvious reasons.

If you are looking for embroidery company near me, or t shirt printed near me, now you know the science behind them, the merits of the 3 methods and you can decide exactly what you want!

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By Michael Caine

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