What are the types of health insurance?

Having health insurance is a wise decision, as it translates into an investment for your peace of mind and well-being, and that of your family. There are different alternatives to choose from; in terms of coverage and costs. 

In this opportunity, we will tell you what health insurance is, its benefits and what are the types of health insurance.

Health insurance is a contract that is acquired through an insurer. This is done voluntarily and in addition to the Obligatory Health Plan (POS), that is, it complements what your EPS offers you.  It has a value according to the type of insurance chosen and the plan; the services provided depend entirely on the entity with which the insurance is contracted.

Health insurance benefits

Health insurance, in general, offers many benefits, some of which are:

  • Attention with the best specialists in medicine directly (without the need for an appointment with a general practitioner).
  • Access to the best private clinics.
  • Private room in case of hospitalization.
  • Coverage of unexpected expenses. 
  • Quick attention in case of emergencies.
  • Coverage of maternity care and additional services such as transfers, exams. 
  • Accompaniment, prevention programs, and self-care.
  • Some include international travel assistance, in case of an accident.

And, what are the types of health insurance?

There are plans with national coverage and others with international coverage. 


These types of health insurance offer coverage for medical expenses in the event of an accident, illness, and maternity. In Seguros Bolívar, for example, two plans are offered with access to more than 5,000 health providers nationwide.

It also includes programs to prevent and manage complex situations, guidance in maternity (according to the chosen plan), and support for the development of healthy habits.

What differentiates one plan from another is the coverage for any medical emergency during a trip abroad, in addition to greater coverage in terms of costs and institutions in Colombia.


International medical insurance covers more benefits and coverage. Well, it includes services at the national level and abroad. They are based on alliances with companies in different countries and allow access to high-quality medical care. 

Depending on the contracted plan, this type of insurance provides coverage and access to a large number of medical providers in Colombia and in the world, check-ups, medical transfers, second medical opinion worldwide, vaccination for the smallest of the family, and medications ( according to coverage limit).

A key detail is not to confuse this type of health insurance with travel assistance services, which are those that are purchased occasionally, before making a trip and offer maximum coverage of 90 days, with value limits for procedures included.

Important fact:

According to Fasecolda, as it is an insurance contract, these types of insurance can only be marketed by insurance companies legally authorized by the Financial Superintendence.

Within this type of insurance, Seguros Bolívar offers 5 different care plans with the following services:

  • Hospital expenses, outpatient consultation, emergencies, surgeries, medications, and laboratory tests.
  • Access to specialists.
  • Medical appointments without deductibles in Colombia.
  • maternity coverage.
  • Second medical opinion worldwide.
  • Telephone medical attention 24 hours a day.

In general, health insurance can provide similar benefits; The differences will always be in the types of coverage, the insured value, the clinics and hospitals that can be accessed, and access to emergency services abroad, among other details that we recommend always consulting and reviewing in your contract.

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