What is a Dry Herb Vaporizer?


A dry herb vaporizer is something that you may not have heard of, even if you are fond of dry herbs in general, or are a tobacco smoker which itself is also a dryer. However, there is a technology that you may be familiar with even if you haven’t used yourself, and it’s one that is identical in all but one very important way, and we can use this as a starting point in understanding what a vaporizer is.

If you’re anything like me, you remember being a kid and being sick, and something called a vaporizer being used in your room to help you feel better. This isn’t the same thing, though there is a similar science behind the idea. But what I’m really going to use as an example is the concept of a vape. A vape uses a battery and a heating coil to evaporate and eat-liquid that you inhale rather than burning something.

The difference with a dry herb vaporizer versus an E-liquid vaporizer is all in the absence of that liquid. Instead, and oxygen-poor chamber is available in which you pack your dryer. The oxygen-poor thing is a very intentional design aspect to prevent the herb from igniting when rapidly and extremely heated, instead resulting in the oils leaving the herb for you to enjoy.

While there is no guarantee of this being 100% healthy, that depends on a host of factors including what it is you are packing in there, it is guaranteed to be healthier than smoking that stuff instead. Smoke is made of ash and carcinogenic compounds along with those oils, and ash is an irritant that can cause respiratory illnesses and the carcinogens need no further explanation. When you evaporate something, you don’t burn it, meaning there is no secondhand smoke, there is no nasty ash residue or tar, there is no odor, there is no problem. It’s also a lot safer on a practical level, because burning stuff is dangerous in obvious ways.

Now, when looking for a good dryer herb vaporizer, be sure to get one with a decent battery that charges quickly and performs well on a charge, is compatible with your USB cables despite it coming with one, and that can keep things quickly and get the maximum extraction of oil from the herb without being wasteful.

Also, look for one that has a backlit LCD or LED display for setting the temperature and watching it heat, and look for a nice compact model no bigger than a pocket flashlight, as this will be a modern, high-quality Australian product. A final thing to note, while this is much healthier than smoking and isn’t actually smoking itself, it is forbidden to be used anywhere that smoking is. So, while it is healthier and more pleasant and considerate to others, it unfortunately does lack the benefit of being usable where smoking products are not, but even so, why not enjoy a healthier lifestyle without having to give up the things you truly love?

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By Michael Caine

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