What Makes Custom Kraft Packaging Unique and Cherished?


There is a packaging box that has been receiving popularity in many fields. It is getting used for

  • Food items.
  • Electronics.
  • Packaged food products.
  • Freshly baked goods, etc.

And it is known as custom kraft packaging. Kraft packages are not sturdier than cardboard boxes. Meanwhile, it is also not luxurious as a rigid box. But at the same time, these boxes fulfill a seller’s needs. For example, we cannot use a rigid box for a donut. And in the same way, we cannot use a kraft box for a fancy watch. So it is always better to understand what packaging your product needs. And in this way, we can get a package by staying within our budget. But what features of the kraft box make it so loved and cherished across the globe.

Use of Kraft Boxes in the Food Industry:

The use of kraft packages has increased as they have proved to be secure for food products. Whenever we use a kraft box for our food items, we do not have to worry about anything. These boxes do not emit any harmful radiation that would affect our products in any way. Meanwhile, this packaging box is sturdier enough to bear the external pressure and keep the product safe from radiation and moisture. Not to mention how these packaging boxes are appealing and can attract customers from afar.

These packaging boxes are getting used for packaged products like tea, cereal, grains, etc. Meanwhile, vendors also use them to sell freshly baked confections such as donuts. It is safe to say that if our favorite food items stay fresh, then all the credit goes to kraft boxes. Meanwhile, when we overlap these boxes with lamination, we provide an extra protective layer. In this way, if the product produces any oil, then the box would not be soggy. Meanwhile, lamination also secures the product by protecting it from contamination and dust.

Highlight the Primary Information:

Not many packages give enough space for us to imprint primary information. Kraft packages allow us to customize them with any printing method with ease. Other than that, we can also imprint the info useful for both sellers and the customers. Now the question is, what info should we write on our boxes:

  • Tell the customer when the product was manufactured and when it would expire.
  • Imprint the company’s details like contact info and address.
  • Imprint the ingredients used to manufacture the product.
  • Imprint the instructions on how to use and store the item.
  • Tell the customer how to recycle the box.
  • And do not forget about the most important thing and that is brand identity. If your logo is missing, the customer would never buy your product.

Now, if you’re using these boxes to sell the product that could be eaten right away, like donuts, then the brand logo is enough to be imprinted on the box.

How to Customize a Kraft Box?

Let us discuss some ways with which we can personalize our boxes to our needs.

1.   Digital Printing:

Digital printing proves to be effective when we need a quick service. It imprints the design onto the material using a printer. This method is cost-effective and quick. But there’s only one flaw: we cannot personalize a bulk of the material in a short time.

2.   Gravure:

Gravure is the printing method where we use organic ink. The method consists of two cylinders, an ink vessel, and a scraper. Meanwhile, the other presses the material onto the design. Now, the cylinder etched with the design is also dipped into an ink vessel. And scraper scrapes of the excess ink. Many people assume that the ink might not dry off quickly and can ruin the design. But it’s not true as the ink dries off more quickly than expected. Meanwhile, the print also lasts longer. Gravure is helpful for the sellers that purchase the bulk of boxes at once. 

3.   Screen Printing:

Screen printing is somewhat similar to gravure. It also used quick-dry and organic ink. Meanwhile, this method is also used to customize the bulk of materials. But how does screen printing work? In screen printing, we use a mesh and smear the ink all over the screen. And also uses some equipment to control the flow of ink. This method is quick, efficient, and cost-effective. Meanwhile, it also gives a smooth look and touch to our packaging boxes.

4.   Engraving and Embossing:

In kraft packaging boxes, engraving and embossing are used to highlight a brand identity. Most sellers also use silver and gold foil to customize the design. In this way, they make their brand more visible. In engraving, we use the laser to carve in our logo. Meanwhile, in embossing, we use pressure and a heat source to create a 3D effect. Rather than printing on your logo, carve them in for more brand recognition.

Features of a Kraft Box:

  • A kraft box is sturdy and secure. It also bears external pressure.
  • They are manufactured with recycled paper or with wood pulp. And hence a kraft box is 100% organic.
  • They are customizable and flexible. Sellers get them manufactured in custom shapes and sizes.
  • These boxes remain intact no matter what condition they go through.
  • A kraft box is affordable, and new sellers could easily afford it.
  • These boxes weigh to be perfect for printing.
  • A kraft box is completely eco-friendly and leaves no impact on the environment.

Now use custom kraft packaging and leave a positive impression on your customers.

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