What to Do After Converting to Islam

What to Do After Converting to Islam

When a person accepts the greatness of Allah and embraces Islam, they should expect certain reactions. For example, you are one of the new converts of Islam; you might have faced the negligence of your near and dear friends. Similarly, some of your friends might also have supported you, but here you will read in this article what to do after converting to Islam.

New converts of Islam face many problems, initially. Still, with firm faith, strong belief in Allah and determination to follow the guidelines of Hazrat Muhammad SAW, they can convince all that they were right in their decision. 

However, after conversion to Islam, your emotions change from conflict thoughts of life to clear and lighten goals ahead. Now, you can realize that things you were fearing now have become a source of satisfaction and inner peace for you in embracing Islam. The wealthiest thing that you have found after annulling your previous religion and entering into Islam is the love of Allah. 

Sometimes, after embracing Islam, you become depressed and think about what to do. Satan becomes active and will never let you live in peace. So, you have to battle the devil and make yourself strong to avoid his temptation. 

However, after becoming Muslim, you have to do certain actions to make your family and friends happy and battle Satan. 

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Remember Quranic teaching 

Sometimes, Satan will try his best to tempt you from Allah’s way. Sometimes Allah will test you in different situations; after that, Satan will incite you to give up. But, it would help if you remembered the Quranic teaching. 

“And We will surely test you with something of fear and hunger and a loss of wealth and lives and fruits, but give good tidings to the patient”. [2:155]

“Who, when disaster strikes them, say, “Indeed we belong to Allah, and indeed to Him we will return”. [2:156]


Secondly, the most effective way of protecting from Satan is Dua (supplication). Whenever Satan attacks you from your surrounding, the only thing that can protect you is to turn to Allah and pray. Also, keep praying for your family members and friends that Allah changes their heart and choose the right path. 

Among other actions, Dua is very powerful. It can help you to restore yourself when you are sorrowful and depressed. 

Maintain family ties 

After embracing Islam, your friends and family member may cut away all the relation with you, but you have to maintain family ties. It is stated clearly in the Holy Quran that Allah does not like those who cut ties with families. 

For example, bear the anger of your parents that they have raised due to your accepting Islam. Your attitude with your family should be soft and polite. After becoming Muslim, your disposition reflects your personality. Your kind attitude may convince your family, too, to embrace Islam. Learn about the Arabic.

Prove yourself changed

You should change yourself after accepting Islam that your friends and family members notice it. Bring changes in your habits and behaviour. It will let your friends and family that how Islam did change you. Sometimes, it may be difficult for you to change your habits after becoming Islam, as you had been in for a long time in bad habits. So, if your relatives could see a positive change in your attitude and manner, they will surely be inspired by the greatness of Islam. 


Now, as you are Muslim, everything you do you think represents the whole Muslim community. All you need to do after converting to Islam is to fix yourself in the frame of Islam. Furthermore, if you want to know more about Islam, there is a special course for new converts of Islam that languagestutor.org offer. 

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