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When you are considering what home builder Macedon Ranges based you want to hire to build a new home you should consider how professional they are. One great way to get an idea of this is by taking a closer look at their website. In today’s times, it makes sense for a home builder to have a professional website that tells you they value their customers, have experience, are relevant and off quality work for good value. Before you get in contact with the builder you can make some judgements from that website. Here are some things you might expect to see that demonstrate a great website, making the builder worth taking a closer look at.

Easy to navigate and use

The website should be one that everyone finds easy to use and it is easy to get around. When a visitor encounters slow loading screens, links that do not work and other issues they are more likely to give up looking at the content and leave. They want a site where if they have questions they can easily find the answers. A builder who understands what their customers are looking for in their website is also more likely to be one who understands and tries to meet the needs when it comes to the building project.

Images of floor plans and houses

When you are thinking of building a home, or having a big home renovation Macedon Ranges it can help to see images of what they have worked on before. It gives you an idea of the different styles of homes they have built and the kind of renovations they have done successfully. You might also like to see the different floor plans they have worked on and have access to them to see if they are something that would work for you.

Content that is easy to locate

You might be looking for home plans, the history of the business, how much experience they have, information on financing, a blog and so on. You should be able to easily find the information you want using things like search fields and site maps. When they have taken the time to consider how navigable their site is it shows consideration and that is a good thing in a home builder Macedon Ranges.

Relevant information in words and pictures

As well as having plenty of written content telling you things like how long they have been in business, what services they offer, where they operate and so on, they should have images too, and possibly even interactive content. Not everyone is happy with just the written word, some people are more visual and need that to better make choices and gather information.


There is a lot you can learn from a website, and the effort they put into their website says a lot about any professional including a builder. When you are considering home renovation Macedon Ranges or a new home build take a look at their websites as a great way to narrow down who you will hire.

Bio –

Welcome to Jackson Dwellings, the best luxury builders in the Macedon Ranges. We’re dedicated to building luxury homes of exceptional quality, with a focus on excellent workmanship, open client communication and unrivalled professionalism.

Since its launch in 2010, Jackson Dwellings has greatly evolved. When we first began, our passion for master craftmanship drove us to focus on the top end of the market, where we can fully utilise our knowledge, talents and outstanding construction skills.

Our desire to succeed has given us the impetus to transform our hard work into a successful building company. It goes without saying that we are a proud member of Housing Industry Australia.

Jackson Dwellings has completed many luxury residences throughout the Macedon Ranges area. We are honoured to be part of the high end of the industry in this beautiful part of the world. We know our homes will stand the test of time in terms of design, build quality and property value.

Our clients are as passionate about their luxury homes as we are about building them. Wouldn’t you like to enjoy a high quality home that exceeds all your expectations? To find out more about our building services, please contact us today.

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