What You Need to Know About Asbestos Management Plan

Asbestos in buildings or construction sites can become a risk to health if the small asbestos particles enter the body through air. Breathing in asbestos particles can cause many asbestos-related diseases like lung diseases, asthma, and even lung cancer. Workers who work in these kinds of areas are greatly affected because of overexposure to asbestos particles. That’s why proper planning for asbestos management is required. 

An asbestos management plan is necessary to comply with the legal obligation of managing asbestos within a certain building or property. This applies to anyone who is responsible for maintenance and repairs within a building that uses asbestos contained materials. 

So, if you are someone who owns a property or have rented a property, you need a plan to manage asbestos. Other than that, if you are someone who owns or manages a construction or renovation service-providing company, then also you will need proper planning for asbestos management. 

If you want to know more about the types of buildings that need asbestos planning or more about the planning, this article will help you. 

What type of buildings requires an asbestos management plan?

Any non-domestic building that is made from materials containing asbestos require a plan for asbestos management. In other words, every non-domestic building or structure must have its own asbestos risk management plan. Usually, domestic buildings are not included in this rule. However, all common areas like lift shafts, stairwells, and roof voids must have a plan for their asbestos management. Other than that, any domestic building that requires maintenance and repairing also requires to manage their asbestos. 

What are the main parts of an asbestos management plan?

The planning for asbestos management is a part of your legal asbestos management process. According to the state laws, the property owners or duty holders must have a plan for asbestos management if any kind of construction or demolition is going on in their premises. This will help them manage the risks that come following asbestos particles. The risk from asbestos can be properly managed by:

  • Finding out if materials containing asbestos is present within the premises. 
  • Consider that there are materials containing asbestos within the premises even if you don’t.
  • Finding out the location and condition of the materials containing asbestos. 
  • Hiring a professional environmental consultant to conduct a proper survey to understand the location and condition of the materials containing asbestos. 
  • Analysing the results of the survey for a better understanding of the condition.
  • Preparing a plan according to the results of the survey.
  • Executing the plan to manage the risk from asbestos.
  • Constantly reviewing and monitoring your plan for asbestos management

What are the basic steps to make a plan for asbestos management?

If you are planning to develop a plan for asbestos management within your premises, you need to conduct a survey first. In other words, you need to find out whether asbestos is present there within your premises or not. For that, you can think of hiring professionals who will conduct a survey and provide you with a detailed report. 

The survey will assess the initial risks from the materials containing asbestos. Also, the professionals will provide you with recommendations on how to store the materials containing asbestos in a safer way. Other than that, they will also let you know how to work with these materials while managing the risks. Then, they will help you write a plan to manage the risks factors. 

The Bottom LineHopefully, you have now a better idea about asbestos management and the reasons behind its necessity. So, wait no longer and hire an environmental consultant to conduct a survey. Good environmental consultants not only will provide you with accurate and detailed information about asbestos in your premises but also help you develop an effective plan to manage the risk from asbestos. So, just hire an environment monitoring service providing company and go for the service you need the most.

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