Which is Better: Bifold Doors or Sliding Doors?

If you are wondering which one to choose- sliding or bifold door for your next home or commercial project, this article is for you. Read on till the end to decide the best that suits your requirements, but you must always Always buy from a trusted and quality certified company, like TOSTEM. 

What are Sliding Doors?

Sliding doors are doors with a fixed panel attached to hangers-on rollers. This makes one of the panels move along a track, sliding back and forth horizontally. You can find different sliding doors in the market- one with a single sliding panel and the other with a double or triple sliding panel. 

The size of the sliding door decides the number of sliding panels. Even though these doors are fabricated in a wide range of materials like timber and PVC, the strength of aluminum sliding doors is unmatchable. 

Features of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors can be characterized by:

Dimensional Flexibility:

You can change the dimensions as per your requirement, especially if you have a multi-panel sliding door. 

Low Maintenance

Sliding doors, specially TEXGUARD anodized aluminum sliding doors, require a few wipes to remove dust from the surface. 

– Good Safety

Aluminum sliding doors are a safe structure as it includes the strength and stability of aluminum and toughened glass panels. For example, TOSTEM’s aluminum glass sliding doors are highly resistant to breakage. 

Applications of Sliding Doors

Sliding doors provide efficient functionality and are a good choice for space-saving solutions. You can use these sliding doors at patios as a room divider in the kitchen, bathroom, or bedrooms. These doors are excellent on the balcony as well. 

What are Bifold Doors?

Bifold or folding doors are the most common door type. 

These doors have been in use for a long time. 

Bifold doors are those which fold in or out to open, Some of the bifold doors have traffic doors that pop in and out These doors come in a wide range of materials, but aluminum bifold doors are the most durable of all. 

You can also get glazed aluminum bi-fold doors that bring plenty of light. 

Bifold doors come in two varieties- external and internal. It depends on the application.

Features of Bifold Doors:

Some salient features of bifold doors are:

– Efficient Space Saver

Bifold or folding doors save space. Most premium manufacturers like TOSTEM, create aluminum folding doors that not only add aesthetics to the room but also save space.

– Usage Optimized Design

Folding or bifold doors can be designed to match the applications. For example, if you want a bifold door for the patio, you can get it customized to fit the size and glazing.

– Easy Maintenance 

Aluminum bifold doors come with an anodized coating. It makes maintenance hassle-free and protects the luster of the doors for years. 

Applications of Bifold Doors

Internal bifold doors are used to cover small spaces like pantries, laundry, or wardrobes. External bifold doors are an excellent choice for patio and open courtyards.

Conclusion- Sliding or Bifold?

Both sliding and bifold offer unique functionalities. If you want a sturdy door for a smaller space, bifold doors are a better choice. If you love to add a modern element to your building, then go for sliding doors. 

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