Who Are Good Mississauga Family Lawyers for Mediation?

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Choosing a mediator for a divorce is an arduous decision. The attributes and skills of divorce mediators vary among Mississauga family lawyers. Some family lawyers serve divorcing parties in a specific style, whereas some follow a particular process as mediators. Family lawyers as mediators can impact the parties positively or negatively. Hence, identifying good family lawyers in Mississauga for mediation isn’t easy for the divorcing parties. So: How can you identify good family lawyers in Mississauga for mediation? 

Good Family Lawyers in Mississauga for Mediation 

Family Lawyers Who Emphasize the Process:

We have already mentioned some of the family lawyers emphasize the process and do things in a certain way. These family lawyers are effective at mediation when the level of animosity and distrust between the divorcing parties is high. Hostile spouses may not agree on sitting in a room or even allowing the discussion to start. Thus, family lawyers who adopt a process are suitable for mediation when spouses have great animosity for each other. Nonetheless, many separating couples want to say more during mediation.

Family Lawyers Who Adopt a Specific Style:

Some family lawyers are highly reluctant to let the parties erupt into separate rooms. They prefer everyone to stay at the same table all through the process. Family lawyers who adopt a style as mediators may aid in reducing miscommunication and promoting a feeling to work together.

Family Lawyers as Shuttle Mediators:

There are also family lawyers who favour shuttle mediation. Shuttle mediation entails the mediator moving between two rooms presenting offers and counteroffers to the parties. Thus, the parties come together infrequently in shuttle mediation. Family lawyers as shuttle mediators help reduce tension and power imbalances in high conflict divorce cases.  

Directive Mediators:

Some family lawyers in a divorce play the role of directive mediators, and some of the separating couples like it. Directive mediators put forward settlement options and give insight to the parties on how a claim may go in court. Directive mediators are good for spouses on a tight budget and when spouses seek a speedy resolution. Divorce Fast has reputable Mississauga family lawyers who help spouses come to the settlement terms fast and amenably through mediation. 

Furthermore, many divorcing couples like to collaborate more without too much insight from the lawyer in a divorce. They collaborate to develop solutions for their specific family. Hence directive mediation is the most appreciated by divorcing couples as well as family lawyers.

Who Can You Consider a Good Family Lawyer for Mediation?

Here are a few things for divorcing couples to keep in mind about family lawyers to identify the best for mediation:


Most experienced family lawyers are best at mediation and charge hourly rates. However, meditation from such lawyers is usually worth the price, considering the skills and experience of attorneys. There are more chances of success when experienced divorce attorneys play their role as mediators for divorcing parties. However, you may find some divorce attorneys as good mediators who belong to a small law firm. Furthermore, some divorce lawyers charge flat fees for their mediation services. Nonetheless, they also charge hourly rates if a certain time threshold passes for spouses to make settlements.     

Mediators’ Background:

Family lawyers with a background in social work, counselling, or financial planning are good mediators. For example, divorce attorneys with a background in social work are adept at resolving abuse, family violence, and parenting issues. Mediators with a background in financial planning are good at facilitating discussions about family businesses, tax planning, and future financial planning.    


Choosing a mediator for a divorce is a formidable task. The characteristics and skills of divorce mediators vary among Mississauga family lawyers. Good family lawyers for mediators fall into four types, including the following:

  1. Family lawyers who emphasize the process
  2. Family lawyers who follow a specific style
  3. Divorce attorneys who favour shuttle mediation
  4. Directive mediators who aid spouses on a tight budget with speedy resolution 

Usually, the best family lawyers as divorce mediators charge hourly rates for their services. Moreover, you must also enquire about the lawyers’ background in social work, financial planning, and counselling to identify good family lawyers as divorce mediators. Good family lawyers for mediation are typically directive. Lastly, realizing your situation, budget, and priorities can aid you in choosing a good family lawyer as a mediator.  

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