Why does my YouTube keep pausing?

youtube keeps pausing

YouTube is one application that everyone loves. YouTube is one of the best applications where you can watch unlimited videos, movies and also listen to music. It has proven to be the dominating application in the online streaming industry. However, even the best application can sometimes face problems. So, if you are also encountering issues with youtube stopping and pausing without any reason and looking for solutions then, do not worry as our guide will help you with it. 

Everyone person who faces this problem always asks themselves the question that why does my YouTube keeps stopping. So, before we tell you the solutions to fix this issue we are also going to tell you the reasons why this happens. Pausing and stopping of YouTube troubles a lot of people so we are here to relieve you of this problem. 

Causes for YouTube crashing and stopping

  1. Still using the Old Version of YouTube

Many users are not in favor of continuously updating their applications. Sometimes, they also do not update the app to still keep their downloaded videos with them but let me tell you that if your app is stopping and pausing a lot then, this can be a reason. You should always use the newest version of YouTube rather than the outdated version as old versions have this issue. 

  1. Network problems with your device

One of the most common reasons why youtube stops when used is the network and connectivity issue it faces. If your internet connectivity is weak, your device will take a lot of time to load the content and the application will buffer a lot. YouTube will stop the video that you are watching if it does not have a strong internet available to it. If you are using your mobile data, it is better to shift to your Wi-Fi connection. 

  1. Close the Auto-Pause option

YouTube has a feature to automatically pause videos while playing them and a lot of users do use this feature. This feature appears when you first open the YouTube application on your phone so, you may not remember if you have turned it on or off. This feature specifically works with sensors however, how does this sensor work is still a question. So, we recommend that you ensure that you have turned it off on your YouTube. 

  1. Remove the cache and junk of the App 

Sometimes, the storage of YouTube interferes with the working of the application. So you can try to clear all the cache data along with the Junk files if you are looking for the reasons why do youtube videos keep stopping. You can clear the cache files of the mobile device also. This is how you can do the same:

  • Open the Settings of your mobile phone.
  • Then look for YouTube in the ‘Applications’ folder.
  • Now, in the storage section clear the Cache Data by clicking on the ‘Clear’ option. This will make sure that your YouTube doesn’t crash the next time when you use the application.
  1. The Problem can your headphone too

The Majority of people use Headphones when they use YouTube as it is convenient for them and the surrounding people too. The sound of the phone cause problem for a lot of people but these headphones can also be the reason why your YouTube videos are stopping and pausing while running. Sometimes, the wiring of the Headphone or the headphone jack may be malfunctioning which also causes YouTube to malfunction in return. 

We hope that our guide has helped you in fixing the YouTube problem you are having. 

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