Why it is important to select the right Food packaging?

right Food packaging

This is probably one of the biggest uses of the packaging right now. In many countries, many foods are purchased fresh every day from markets, butchers, and fishmongers and are rarely packaged except in a simple to-go bag.

However, in many countries, large quantities of food are packaged and sold. Many food producers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of packaging in order to reduce the total amount of packaging thrown away by the end consumer.

Many food producers are also looking for ways to replace packaging in a more sustainable way and are working to develop food packaging that is biodegradable and recyclable.

Until a few years ago, most fresh foods were sold in supermarkets in polystyrene trays covered with plastic film to keep it fresh. This meant that in many cases, 100% of the packaging could not be recycled.

Today, however, more and more packaging – frozen and fresh – is made of cardboard or aluminum and is recyclable.

Many frozen foods are still sold in plastic packaging, but recycling this packaging takes less space and if biodegradable plastics are used in the future, the packaging will be eco-friendly. There is no doubt that food packaging will change considerably in the coming years.

Choosing the right food packaging

If you underestimate the importance of food packaging, the product you create will not be sold. Your product will go unnoticed compared to products with more attractive packaging, so you need to design your food packaging with your target group in mind.

How to choose an attractive design

No matter what type of food products you sell, it is important that your products get noticed in stores. There are different strategies for this, but the one you use will largely depend on the type of product you sell and the target group you want to reach. Below are some common strategies that will help you design the right packaging to catch people’s attention.

Colorful packaging

Colorful packaging is a good idea, especially when selling food products to children. Children love bright colors, so it’s natural to use bright colors for children’s products. Fluorescent colors and bright primary colors are great for children, but may not be appropriate for an adult audience.

Sophisticated packaging

Sophisticated packaging is best suited for food products that cater to a high-end clientele. For example, premium cheeses should be packaged in elegant and sophisticated packaging.

Packaging for Pet food

Pet food should be packaged in a way that is appropriate for both the pet and the owner. Most packaging features a picture of the pet eating the food, but at the same time, the packaging should reflect all the reasons why the owner should purchase this food for their furry friend.

Packaging for healthy food

Pictures of fresh fruits, vegetables, and grains work well for healthy food packaging. The package should also contain plenty of words that highlight the health benefits of the product. Most importantly, you want to make sure your healthy food looks nutritious and delicious so that people will actually want to buy it.

Packaging for Chocolate

Chocolate bars and candy give people a carefree, happy feeling, so it’s a good idea to package them in a bright and cheery way. By giving people this feeling, consumers will buy the candy in the first place, so keep this in mind when thinking about your candy design.

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