Why Should I Use ASPCA Pet Insurance? 

If you’re a pet owner who doesn’t need a lot of coverage and doesn’t want to pay for services you won’t use, the ASPCA might be right for you. Their plans offer a unique balance of comprehensive benefit options with a lower policy limit that keeps premiums affordable. 

The ASPCA covers the cost of prescription drugs under its accident and sickness and accident insurance policies only if they are used to treat covered conditions. This also covers prescription pet food, but not when used for general maintenance or weight management. As a pet owner, the ASPCA gives you the flexibility to choose your reimbursement percentage, deductible, and annual limit, whether you want full coverage or an annual plan only.

With ASPCA Pet Insurance, you’re not limited to a particular network of veterinarians because the company pays vets directly and you don’t have to pay a large amount of money upfront.

The company also gives up to 30 days to analyze your policy and purchase option, and if you’re not satisfied, you can cancel and your money will be refunded.

While a majority of pet insurance companies typically extend the waiting period up to six months or even a year for a certain animal health issue, the ASPCA offers a 14-day waiting period. for all insured pets. With ASPCA, you can get lower than average policy limits, which means the premiums are also lower. Annual limits start at $3,000 and go up to $10,000 for cats and dogs.

The ASPCA has very good customer service, which makes it easy to submit claims online through its membership portal, by mail or fax, as well as a mobile app you can use to update billing, change coverage, add a pet and check claim status from the comfort of your own home. In addition, you can choose to have your veterinary bills reimbursed by direct deposit or by postal check. 

When it began offering a health insurance policy after its partnership agreement in 2006, the ASPCA insured over 40,000 cats and dogs and handled over 1.6 million claims.

Finally, its underwriter is the United States Fire Insurance Company, and since it is not a full-fledged insurance company, its policies are administered by Crum and Forster which has an A+ (superior) rating with Better Business. Office (BBB due to its ability to meet Even the United States Fire Insurance Company has also had an A financial stability rating from AM Best since 2008. So with ASPCA Pet Insurance, you are in safe hands.

How does ASPCA insurance work?

As we said earlier, the insurance process at ASPCA Pet Insurance is very simple, the company offers customizable options for Accident, Sickness, and Accident Only. cover options for dogs and cats, if your pet is up to six weeks old and above they can be enrolled, just log on to their website, get a free quote providing key information on your cats or dogs such as their sex, their cage, and, postal code. However, you will be asked for a veterinary file when making the first claim. 

You can also adjust your pet limit, annual deductible, reimbursement percentage, and equivalent company salary to see how different plans affect your premium. Wellness plans are available at an additional cost and they have their system for determining how much they will pay with a limit on particular types of services each year. All applicable Accident and Sickness treatment are covered after a 14 day waiting period, meaning anything that happens within those 14 days will not be covered by policy benefits.

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