Why Should Medical Practitioners Opt For Doctor Loans?


Various lenders in India consider medical practitioners as one of the priority customer segments for their loan products. A doctor can avail of varied loan schemes to meet their personal and professional plans. These professionals get offered the maximum loan amount on flexible terms and conditions. 

The fact is that lenders usually charge competitive interest rates on loans for doctors in India. Thus, doctors taking a loan usually can manage the repayment in a hassle-free manner. Paragraphs underneath shall discuss 

Loans for doctors in India: Why medical professionals should opt for it

  1. Medical Professionals get offers for the maximum loan amount 

One of the key reasons for medical professionals to look for Doctor Loans is that it fetches them the optimum loan amount. The fact is, lenders approve significantly higher loan amounts to doctors compared to the amount they approve to professionals from other walks of life. 

It enables them to support their financial needs on professional and personal needs. So, if you are ready with your dental clinic setup list, then opting for loans can be a better idea.

  1. Lenders offer loans to medical professionals on much flexible terms and conditions 

What matters the most while taking a loan is the flexibility in the terms and conditions that governs the loan.  It makes it easier for borrowers to manage the repayment without disturbing their existing financial commitments. Thus, doctors can manage the repayment in a hassle-free manner without shouldering major challenges. 

  1. Doctors enjoy longer tenure to complete the loan repayment 

Research suggests that doctors enjoy longer repayment tenure for completing the repayment. It is for this reason that lenders consider these professionals more reliable than other customer segments while approving a loan. Thus, doctors can manage the repayment without the need to pay higher amounts as installments. It makes the repayment all the more convenient for medical professionals

  1. Loans to medical practitioners come at a significantly lower interest rate 

One of the striking features of the doctor’s loan is that the rate of interest on these loan schemes is extremely lower. Lenders consider medical practitioners more creditworthy than any other customer segment. Hence, they are happy to approve loans at a significantly lower interest rate. It is one of the key factors that you can account for beyond the massive popularity of the doctor’s loan. 

  1. Loans available for various personal and professional needs 

It deserves a special mention that lenders approve loans to doctors for meeting various personal and professional needs. For example, doctors can avail of personal loans to finance all plans involving their personal life. Likewise, doctors can avail of loans for professional purposes like meeting their short-term capital needs, purchasing tools and equipment, or purchasing new assets. Doctors can even apply for a loan to support the expenses to expand their service framework. Thus, a medical professional will never find it hard to find suitable finance schemes to meet their personal or professional needs. 

  1. Doctors can avail collateral-free loans 

One of the best features of a doctor’s loan is that lenders are ready to approve loan applications without asking for any collateral securities. It makes it easier for doctors to avail these loans schemes. The best part is that doctors need not stake any valuables as collateral to the loan scheme. 


From the discussion made above, it comes out that Doctor Loan schemes can extend the most effective support to medical professionals when they are in dearth need of cash. It helps them to materialize their personal and professional aspirations. 

Bajaj Fiserv offers exciting deals on loans for doctors in India. They ask for the minimum documentation, and usually approve the loan request within the minimum time. Thus, medical professionals have all reasons to look for these loans schemes.

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