Why should you wear solar watches?

solar watches

There are manifold reasons why a solar-type watch is a smart purchase: Well worth the additional cost. Despite the higher price tag, you are going to get a unique watch that is convenient to use. To have a solar watch simply means you can save money on battery replacements.

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A normal day may mean a lot of time outdoors, so Seiko solar watches mean minimal effort when wearing them. Despite this, these watches don’t demand much maintenance, so they can be less pricy to care for than a conventional type of watch. Of course, the number of solar-type watches has decreased over the years, several manufactures are putting efforts to bring the technology back into production.

Less maintenance

Of course, once a battery is filled to 100 percent capacity, there is always going to be a chance that it can suffer from electrical shorting. With a solar battery, you just replace the solar cells periodically, so there is negligible maintenance in this regard. On the other hand, a watch’s solar cells are specifically designed to last for a long time, though they finally wear out, so you may wish to replace the battery when you notice it’s no longer completely charged.

Economical and eco-friendly

There is a diversity of different solar energy technologies available to watchmakers. The commonest form is through solar cells and that of photovoltaic panels. This technique results in larger electronics with lower energy costs and has been getting used in watches for quite some time. Up to the present time, several different solar technologies getting used. This includes silicon cells, that of transparent low-cost PV panels, and even organic solar cells, among others. A solar-type watch that uses silicon cells is going to work or operate more efficiently than one that makes use of a plastic PV panel or that of a photovoltaic solar cell (PV-SC).

Last longer

Indeed, an old-school type of solar sort of watch only yields about 2-3 years of constant use before the battery asks for replacing. Solar type of watches hasa nearly unbreachable warranty on their batteries – in normal, ten years. Moreover, solar-type watches are constantly repairing themselves, such that after a year of use, a watch gets close to 100% efficient. In contrast, the battery in a standard watch may reach fifty percent of efficiency after seven years of use.

Sustainable power

The charm of solar watches is that they are sustainable. The manufacturing of these watches does not pollute the environment, and they do not have to be replaced after every season that is a major benefit of a battery-powered watch. Then it is also true that it is also very cost-effective when talking about powering your watch. Solar watches can conveniently be powered by sunlight, and it is even of higher quality than battery-powered watches.


So, since you have a fair idea about these solar types of watches, make sure that you wear them. You would look great and feel wonderful too.

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