Wool Rugs—What you Need to Know

This is one of the most used natural fibers for carpets and rugs.  Wool rugs Melbourne is a durable yet soft fiber that has a lot of versatility.  They are a great choice for any home.  You can get them died in many colors so they will most any décor.  They are a diverse interior design.

Before you purchase your wool rugs online Australia or in a store, there are some things you should know about these rugs.


Yes, they are soft but very durable.  The reason is the wax, which rests naturally on the wool fiber surface.  It is called lanolin.  The wax is what helps to prevent the wool rug from soils and stains.  It is a natural sealant so it will trap stains and dirt at the surface of the wool rug.  This will help to save the wool fibers from any permanent discoloration or harmful damage.

The durability of these rugs is not to show any wear and tear, so they can last for years.  They will not show any signs of heavy foot traffic.  They also have a high stain resistance level.  They are great for family rooms, hallways, or any high-traffic area.

Sustainable and environmentally friendly

These wool rugs Melbourne are made with 100% wool fibers.  When it has served its purpose, it is recyclable.  The wool is also renewable energy.

Flame resistant

Since wool rugs are a natural flame retardant, they are good to put in the bedroom, especially the children’s bedroom. 

Natural humidifier

Once you get underneath the lanolin layer, the wool becomes an absorbent fiber.  Your home can benefit from this absorption because it becomes a natural humidifier.  If you’re the air in your home is full of moisture and humidity, the fibers in the rug will absorb some of that moisture.  If your home becomes dry, then the moisture in the wool rug can be released.  This will help to regulate the home’s environment, so it is comfortable all year around.  Because of this feature, it should not be a rug that is used in the bathroom as the steam could make it too damp.


Most rugs come in elegant and sophisticated neutral colors, but wool rugs will bring more vivid color to the room.  When they dye the wool for the rugs, they use a process that will make sure that the colors are fade-resistant.  This will help to ensure that it stays vibrant longer.  If it is placed in direct sunlight regularly,  like any other rug, wool rugs can also fade but it will very minimal so it might not even be noticed.


It does not matter if you purchase your wool rugs online Australia or in a store, this is a good choice of rug.  They are fire-resistant, can bring humidity to the room and so much more.  Just remember that it is not a good idea to use them in any room where there will be a lot of steam. 

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