Worried About The Maintenance Of Your Leather Couch? Here’s Some Tips For Care

Growing up, maybe it was your dream to get a new leather couch that radiated class, luxury and good taste. There’s a reason why almost all top-notch restaurants and hotels decorate their spaces with leather furniture. It’s undeniably one of the best materials on the market that only gets better with age. Unlike fabric furniture, leather furniture resists minor heat and water and is easy to clean with scheduled maintenance. It adds character to your home and fits in with almost any home décor style. So to keep your furniture in the best condition, read ahead for some care tips.

1. Keep out of direct sunlight and rain

It’s important to position your leather furniture away from windows that allow direct sunlight and water during heavy rain. Although leather has some natural water resistance, its porous surface can absorb excess moisture easily and lead to stains if not wiped off immediately. Direct sunlight can discolour the furniture and allow it to crack. So avoid exposing your couch or chairs to direct heat. Do not use any harsh soap or chemicals to wipe off a scratch or stain. It’s better to hire professionals for cleaning the leather couch and chairs and find the best solution in case of an accident.

2. Clean up spills ASAP!

A splash of water or coffee won’t ruin your couch if you wipe it off immediately. If you freak out or wait too long to try out some harsh chemical instead of just wiping it off with a soft cloth, you might wind up with a stubborn stain. Wiping off the spillage immediately and drying it might hide the stain. You should hire an expert after wiping off the liquid from the surface when you don’t catch the spill on time. Follow their instructions for future care and take the necessary precautions.

3. Remove dirt with a soft cloth or brush

Dirt and debris, if kept unattended for a long time, can scratch the leather. Use of the sofas and chairs by children and pets can lead to some food crumbs hiding away in the crevices of the furniture. When you sit, or the kids jump on them, it deepens the scratches. So only use a clean, soft cloth to brush up the surface and a domestic vacuum cleaner to clean the crevices. Do not use cleaners or chemicals with ammonia or alkaline because they can damage the leather beyond repair. In the worst-case scenario, you can always hire an expert leather cleaning service for the task.

4. Rub the scratch with your fingertips

Generally, troublesome scratches on your leather furniture can make you feel helpless. But there’s an easy solution to the problem if the scratch isn’t too deep. It would help if you rub it with your fingertips. Wondering how it works? The oil on your fingertips blends with the natural oils on the leather couch. If the scratch is too deep, the fingertip method may not work. Then you can take the help of a shoe polish that matches the colour of your leather and gently rub the scratched portion with your fingertips in a circular motion. 

5. Condition regularly

You’ll need a professional leather upholstery cleaning and repair company to help you maintain the finish of your leather couch. The cleaners have a wide range of conditioners and polishes to make your furniture look new.


If you treat your leather furniture with some care regularly and subject it to some occasional cleaning and conditioning, your couch might survive the test of time with flying colours!

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By Michael Caine

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