Mundane Astrology: Understanding the Astrology of Nations and World Events

Mundane Astrology

The fate of nations and the world is can also be known with the help of  kundli 2023. The term “mundane astrology” describes this type of astrology. It investigates how planetary motions affect the dynamics of society and government. Learn about the background of mundane astrology and how it might help you make sense of current events with this article. 

Traditions in Mundane Astrology

It’s a novel idea to use astrology for mundane purposes and free kundli. It’s a tradition that dates back thousands of years in many different societies. In 2000 B.C.E., the Babylonian empire was the first to make official use of astrology for political purposes. The fate of the Babylonian empire and its military campaigns were forecast using astrology. They thought that big events might be foretold by looking at the constellations and planets in the sky at the time.

Astrology was later used by the Greeks and Romans to foretell the course of battles and gain insight into the ultimate fate of their empires. Medieval European monarchs often sought out astrologers for counsel on political concerns, a tradition that persisted into the Renaissance.

Value of Everyday Astrology

It is impossible to make sense of the world’s present happenings without first familiarizing oneself with mundane astrology. It aids in pinpointing the astrological factors now shaping global events. Predicting natural disasters, governmental shifts, and economic tendencies are all areas where mundane astrology becomes effective.

Common astrologers study the birth patterns of countries and the fortunes of major events like elections, wars, and natural disasters. The planetary placements, aspects the planets make with one another, and how they relate to the zodiac signs are all considered. They can use the results of this research better to comprehend the astrological influences at work in the globe and to forecast its future course.

Disciplines of mundane astrology

There are many branches within mundane astrology.

  • In the specialized subject of astrology known as “political astrology,” governments, political parties, and political leaders are studied through the stars’ lens. Political astrologers analyze astrological charts to foretell election outcomes and understand the astrological factors that shape policy.
  • Financial and economic astrology is a subfield of astrology. Financial and economic forecasters use astrological analysis of the stock market and currency charts.
  • When it comes to astrology, this specialty is all about geography. To better comprehend the astrological influences at play in each country, geographical astrologers study the birth charts of those nations.
  • This branch of astrology studies the connections between the heavens and such phenomena as storms and earthquakes. Natural disasters like earthquakes and hurricanes can be predicted with the help of astrology, which weather astrologers use.

The astrological influences of past events can be better understood with the help of mundane astrology. One such period of dramatic planetary alignments coincided with the French Revolution when Uranus and Pluto were in conjunction in the late 1700s. Astrologers with more grounding in the real world have studied the birth charts from that era and concluded that astrological influences had a role in revolutionary fervor.

Similarly, the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center occurred during significant planetary alignments, including a grand cross in the cardinal signs. Those among mundane astrologers attribute the terrorist acts partly to astrological factors.

Astrology of the mundane variety can also shed light on social and political currents. As an illustration, the counterculture movement of the 1960s coincided with a time of powerful astrological alignments, such as the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto. After studying the period in question, several mainstream astrologers attribute the cultural upheaval of the 1960s to astrological forces.

Monetary astrology can be utilized for both historical research and future forecasting. Mundane astrologers use planetary alignments and other astrological markers to make forecasts about the future of the economy, politics, and society. In the United States, mundane astrologers have projected that the 2020 presidential election will be highly divisive and chaotic due to planetary alignments.

Those curious about how astrological influences may affect their lives based on where they reside or the political and social climate around them may find mundane astrology helpful. If you want to know how the astrological effects of a new city or nation can affect your life, for instance, you can contact a mundane astrologer.


To sum up, mundane astrology is an intriguing and helpful method for deducing the effects of the stars on our everyday lives. Mundane astrologers shed light on how events in one part of the world can have repercussions in another by examining the astrological charts of nations, political events, and natural disasters. While it shouldn’t replace more scientific methods of analysis and decision-making, mundane astrology can teach us much about the world.

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