Signs that you need to get your hot water cylinder repaired soon!

If you reside in cold, temperate zones – you would be utilizing a water heater to heat your water. And of course, the chances are that you are bound to take this service for granted, and like everything else that’s mechanical, hot water cylinders can break down for several reasons. And that’s why you need to check out the rest of the post – so that you can figure out if your hot water cylinder needs to be repaired soon!

 ● No hot water: When your hot water cylinder no longer heats the water effectively or, for that matter, doesn’t heat the water at all – that’s an early indication that there’s something wrong. You need to get it checked out and if the professional recommends it, go in for a hot water cylinder replacement.

Sure, you can attempt to fix it, but the chances of it breaking down again are quite high. And that is why it makes more sense to go in for a complete cylinder replacement and opt for one of those premium cylinders, which come with a warranty. At least, that way, you should be sure to get your hot water piped to your bath, on time, for a certain period.

● Quick-fix solutions: If you are not keen on getting your hot water cylinder replaced, you can opt to try out some of these quick-fix solutions and see if they can work. And if they do, at least, that should save you the cost of installing a brand new hot water cylinder. Sometimes, the solution may be something as simple as a thermostat setting.

You would be surprised at how often a wrong thermostat setting is the cause of cold water. Make sure the thermostat is set at the optimal range. And if you are still unable to get the cylinder to work normally, you can try out option 2, which is to get the coil checked out. If you are using an electric water heater, even a slight mishap with the heating coil can cause it to malfunction.

● Loud noises: If you notice loud noises emanating from your hot water cylinder, especially when heating the water – it usually means that something’s wrong with it. Often, the noises could be due to the movement of the sediments that had accumulated at the bottom of your hot water cylinder. For example, it could be a loud clanging or even a loud rumbling noise, which is often due to the sediments that had accumulated at the bottom.

And that’s usually an indication that you need to get your hot water cylinder cleaned up by a professional at the earliest. He would flush out the sediments from your cylinder, after which it should function normally, without any hassle. Just get it done at the earliest, and you would find that the expense of having your hot water cylinder cleaned costs much less than getting the whole cylinder replaced.

● Water leakages: When it comes to hot water cylinders or tanks, no water is supposed to lean from them. If you see leakages, often around your cylinder or hot water tank – that’s usually an indication that the cylinder has sprung a leak. And a normal leak can be fixed up by calling in a plumber. But this happens to be a hot water cylinder and needs to be handled by a professional who can get it sorted out fast.

And, of course, you can always ignore the issue, which would only result in the issue transforming into a much larger one. And that is why, the moment you spot water leaking out of the cylinder, call in a professional right away!

And these are some of the early signs that you need to get your hot water cylinder repaired at the earliest!

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