Top reasons to get your home inspected: Asbestos or Mold

If you had recently purchased a property but something more of an impulsive purchase – then that’s reason enough to go in for a home inspection. For starters, you need to get your home checked out for various factors, find out if there are flaws in the construction (depending on how old it is), whether you have any residual infestation issues (from moss to Mold), and more. 

In addition, it would be best to get the electrical wiring and water supplies checked out at the earliest. And, of course, since you reside in Florida, you would need to get your property checked for wind mitigation. And that’s why you need to read the rest of the post.

● Never make an impulsive purchase: It is never a good idea to make an impulsive purchase where homes and residential properties are concerned. For starters, the investment in question would lock up most of your savings for years on end. It would help if you were more careful where your finances are concerned. And for another, you would not know whether the house was well-constructed and the builder used premium, quality materials when constructing it.

For example, the indoor paintwork; if the underlying substrate and the corresponding plaster have not been applied correctly, then the paint is bound to flake off. That’s why it makes sense to go in for a home inspection in Altamonte Springs, FL at the earliest. That way, you can get the entire home checked out in detail and find out just how bad it is and what needs to be tackled.

● Electrical wiring: One of the first things you need to get checked out is electrical writing at your new place. You can hire the services of an electrical contractor to give your home a detailed assessment. Home inspectors do not provide such assessments normally. Ask the contractor to check out all the electrical appliances at the new home to find out if they are all functioning well.

Apart from this, get him to check out the electrical writing, which is a must, especially if the home you had just purchased was constructed before the 1960s. Finally, get him to check if all the wiring in the home is well insulated and that there are no observable problems, such as overloading or short circuits.

● Asbestos: If your home had indeed been built before the 1960s, it would be good to contact an asbestos removal professional and get him to go over your home. Get him to check the house for the presence of any asbestos. It should be pointed out that if a structure had been built before the 1970s, then the chances of asbestos being used in the construction is quite high since it was not banned (then).

Asbestos fiber is extremely harmful to one’s health, and it has also been linked to cancer. And that’s why you should never attempt to remove any asbestos on your own, but instead, call in a professional contractor and let him handle it.

● Mold: If the home you had purchased happens to be an antique residence – then it is highly likely that you will find the presence of Mold on the property. Mold and especially black Mold, is a type of fungi that is extremely harmful to humans, especially to small children and those with impaired respiratory systems.

While you can attempt to remove Mold on your own, it would still be advisable to call in a professional to get it done. If you are still set on handling it yourself, make sure that you wear old clothes, wear an N95 mask, goggles, and safety gloves. Ensure that you do not breathe in any mold spores since they are extremely small. Take care while removing it, and make sure you do your online research and prep before starting.

These are some of the main reasons you need to get your home inspected at the earliest.

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