Benefits of online psychological therapy

Online psychological therapy emerges as an extension of traditional treatments, but with an added value that allows the patient to attend their consultation from anywhere, without interrupting their process and maintaining the same rate of assistance to have a faster recovery. Prompt.

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However, getting into the matter now, psychological therapy is a process of self-knowledge for those who start it. During this process, they will be accompanied by a therapist who will have more apparent knowledge about mental functioning and help them find the root of their possible problem.

Therapy is a path of discovery, and the compass that will guide this process will be why the patient decided to consult and that, in general, are aspects that cause him suffering and that he feels have gone out of his control.

How can you know if you need psychological therapy?

Indeed, on several occasions, you have heard that it is very beneficial to attend therapy for the sole fact of getting to know yourself better. I share that opinion. It is not necessary that something in your life is wrong to seek help.

However, if we see it from the most common point of view, anyone who feels that they are suffering and do not control their reality as they would like should go to therapy, seek help and have a guide that allows them to find solutions that give them balance. Find new york na meetings for you or a family member to recover from drug addiction and alcoholism.

Going to therapy is an opportunity to think about yourself, but to do it with the company of someone else who will always seek your well-being and who will seek, in every possible way, to help you find your peace of mind again.

More than once, you will have heard or even thought that if you have to attend Psychological Therapy, it is because you are crazy. But is this true? We invite you to listen to the first chapter of our podcast, “Psychotherapy in your life,” and have more context of why this is believed.

Benefits of psychological therapy in general

 You find someone who listens to you.

In therapy, the first thing you find is genuine listening, which is not very common these days since you do not always have someone willing to listen to you carefully. Or, in the worst case, not even you know how to listen to yourself. This mainly helps therapy: to learn to listen to yourself and make yourself heard.

 you focus on your thoughts

When you listen to yourself and listen, you begin to identify those thoughts that you have within yourself and that prevent you from doing things that you would like or drive you to make bad decisions. These impulses are generated from various patterns that you may not have noticed but that transcend multiple spheres of your life. To detect and improve these repetitive behaviors, therapy helps you.

 Symptom identification

Therapy is the ideal space to treat specific sadness anguish fears. In the different sessions, you will work on attenuating them, or even disappearing them, understanding the reasons that cause them from the root.

And the benefits of online therapy?

In addition to the aspects that I mentioned before, some additional benefits are focused on online therapies, among them stand out:

  • Some conditions make it difficult to go out for a consultation, such as phobias, social anxiety, fearful people, among others. Online, you can approach a professional with greater control of the environment from your own home and feel completely safe.
  • Due to geographic conditions, you can seek quality help that you may not have access to. In virtuality, access barriers are eliminated.
  • A person can treat you from your own country, which helps you empathize with your therapist and contribute to a more uncomplicated relationship and, therefore, greater confidence during the sessions.

There is an additional piece of information that I would like to share with you: in an investigation that I carried out some time ago, I found that for some people, it is easier to open up in a video call and talk about specific topics virtually, even through audio, where people feel less inhibition when externalizing more personal issues.

For this reason, it is worth trying online therapy. Doing so can contribute in a better way to your treatment and can help you release burdens that until now you have not dared to share with someone in person.

How is psychological therapy performed?

It is essential that you know that there are different types of psychotherapy, making the process and methodology different for each patient. However, all styles have something in common: you will talk about yourself.

Some of these approaches will give the patient a guideline of what to do (homework or exercises at home). Other techniques focus solely on listening. In them, the patient will talk about himself, be heard, and seek, with the help of the therapist, what is generating what he currently feels. We call this step co-discovery.

There is something you should keep in mind: people generally believe that they can go to anyone nearby to talk. However, you must know that the therapist is trained to understand what they are hearing and can identify what is causing the behavior with a magnifying glass.

It is common for many people to mistrust online psychotherapy, thinking it may be less effective than face-to-face psychotherapy. Regardless of the method you choose, the most important thing is to achieve a good relationship with the therapist. This is the genuine determining factor in evaluating the results of psychotherapy. In generating this bond, it is unnecessary to be in the same physical space.

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