Do You Need A Commercial Cleaning Company?

There are a lot of benefits business owners can enjoy when they hire one of the best commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast based. It does not matter whether you are an office with just a handful of people, a large shop space, or something more significant, part of owning a business includes making sure the premises are clean, healthy and welcoming. The business you run and the size of the property might impact the services you choose and how often you have a cleaning scheduled for. Here is a closer look at commercial cleaning companies and determining your needs.

Exploring commercial cleaning companies

The kind of commercial cleaning Gold Coast offers depends on the size and type of services you choose. Small cleaning services might be great for office cleaning and smaller commercial jobs, but if you have a very large site to clean, or you have multiple locations to be cleaned, then you might want to go with a larger cleaning service that can handle that. The basic kind of things offered includes dusting, cleaning kitchens and bathrooms, vacuuming. Some might offer window cleaning too, and some might offer hard floor care that includes things like polishing.

You might also consider what equipment they have, carpet cleaners, power washers, floor buffing machines and so on. Some smaller cleaner services might even expect places to have their own cleaning equipment and materials. Some might offer other cleaning services like handling outside areas, or changing lightbulbs, or even offering emergency services.

Working out what your needs are

The key to hiring the right service for you is to work out what your needs are and then you can hire someone that can meet them all or most of them. Do you have special waste that needs specialised care to dispose of? Are they going to be cleaning up body waste and such which again requires specialised cleaning skills and licenses? It can help to look through a few websites to see what are the common things offered by most commercial cleaning companies Gold Coast and then note down and start to make a list of requirements, and what additional things would be a bonus to find. General tasks commercial cleaners will perform include;

  • Power washing exterior walls and floors
  • Steam cleaning carpets, tiled areas
  • General cleaning in break rooms, bathrooms, dusting surfaces
  • Taking out rubbish, emptying all bins
  • Taking out the recycling
  • Cleaning storage areas
  • Floor stripping, waxing, buffing
  • Carpet vacuuming, cleaning
  • Sweeping
  • Cleaning windows
  • Cleaning skirting boards
  • Mopping floors


Hiring a commercial cleaning Gold Coast service could be the best thing you do for your business and for those who use the property. Find a professional company and you can work with them to come up with a cleaning schedule and plan that meets your specific needs. You can feel good about taking care of the property and the health of the people using it. A well-maintained and clean place of business is a safer and happier place to work.

Bio – We are a small cleaning company operating around the Gold Coast and surrounding nearby areas. We’re glad to offer our own independant nighttime cleaning services to the Gold Coast community and take pride in offering our office cleaning Gold Coast services for many of your commercial premises weather it be high-rise offices, medical centres, or massive childcare centres. When you hire us as cleaners for your commercial premises, you’ll be working with an independant cleaning service that doesn’t leave even the smallest portions of your spaces unclean. We’ll dispose the rubbish, disinfect all surfaces, wipe those marked windows turning them into spotless glass, along with mopping and vacuuming the floors effectively.
We started over ten years ago as sub-contracting cleaners, cleaning inside a whole heap of different premises such as small offices, large medical centres, massive hospitals, childcare centres, and much more. During those ten years we have become proficient and drilled with experience in cleaning. Now we’re offering our cleaning experience independently to the Gold Coast, and are searching for contracting or sub-contracting cleaning jobs for which we can establish a long-term relationship with the client or contractor being you.

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