How to become an insurance broker? How to become an insurance agent in 2022?

Becoming an insurance broker under the Gosavtopolis franchise is an easy way to open your insurance business in 20 days with minimal investment and start earning on all types of insurance, including auto insurance.

Thus, an insurance broker franchise is an easy way to become an insurance broker for OSAGO and other insurance products or an insurance agent from various insurance companies in the Russian Federation.

Profession “insurance agent” or insurance broker business

Due to the fact that the “profession” of an insurance agent or insurance broker and the “business” of an insurance agency (broker) are different concepts, we separate these types of activities. So, the profession of an insurance agent or an insurance broker implies that being an agent or broker, you are directly involved in insurance. The business of an insurance agent or an insurance broker allows you to take a leadership role in this process, i.e. making a profit for organizing the professional activities of other persons. In other words, if you are an insurance broker or agent, you find clients on your own and conclude contracts with them, receiving a commission for this.

Before you get into the insurance business, decide which role is closer to you – a professional or a business owner. You can work with Gosavtopolis in any of these two ways by purchasing a small business franchise with minimal investment.

Insurance broker commission

Basically, insurance agents and insurance brokers sell auto insurance policies (CASCO and OSAGO), however, they have many other insurance products related to health, property, real estate, etc. For some of them, the broker’s sales commission can reach 40% of the prices of concluded insurance contracts.

How to become an agent from different insurance companies in 2021

How to become an insurance agent for OSAGO and other types of insurance in various companies? The income of an insurance agent is the percentage of the sale that he receives for each policy issued to the client. The question is brewing, is career growth possible for insurance agents? The bulk of insurance companies determines career growth by increasing the amount of interest from the transaction paid to the insurance agent. The agent himself might think: “I want to become an insurance broker!”

And, having accumulated 2-3 years of experience in this area, having developed a client base, the agent may well become an insurance broker for OSAGO and other types of insurance. Unlike an insurance agent, an insurance broker primarily serves the client, and not the interests of the insurance company, choosing the best insurance option for the client from the list of various insurance companies represented in the city. At the same time, when choosing an insurance company, an insurance broker must take into account the list of risks that the client wants to protect with the help of a policy.

Are you thinking about how to become an insurance agent from various insurers in order to process all insurance products, moreover, with minimal investment of time and effort? Do it together with the federal network of insurance agencies “Gosavtopolis”! Use our franchise to open your own insurance agency in 20 days according to a proven scheme.

How to become an insurance broker easier and faster?

How to become a car insurance broker (OSAGO, CASCO) and other insurance products and types of insurance? How to become an insurance agent in several insurance companies in your city? How to become an insurance broker, get around all the “pitfalls” and “not reinvent the wheel”, save your time and nerves, and how to start making money in insurance faster?

Practice shows that the easiest way is to work on a well-established franchising scheme in the Gosavtopolis insurance business! See the video for more details:

Franchising has been around for decades. Because it is no secret that it is ineffective to fill bumps, trying to independently comprehend all the subtleties and nuances of developing your business, having spent 3-5 years of your life on it. Therefore, far-sighted entrepreneurs all over the world understand that there is no point in wasting time, losing profits, if you can easily get a ready-made profitable franchise business and immediately start earning decent money!

Get a presentation of the Gosavtopolis franchise! You will receive both a franchise of highly profitable insurance business and comprehensive training on how to become an insurance broker for auto insurance and other insurance products.

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