10 Tips on how to choose the ideal forklift for your business

Whether you are starting a new project or you already have your business consolidated and decided to invest in machines to optimize the work and increase the productivity of your employees, it is important to know how to choose the ideal forklift taking into account some important points.

Regardless of your niche, the step-by-step process for choosing a forklift is the same. Here are the 10 points we highlight to help you in that choice:

1- Calculate all Expenses:

Analyze all variables, such as maintenance costs, fuel (if it’s a combustion forklift) and lease values ​​(if you choose not to buy your own forklift). All of this goes into the total cost of the machine, plus, of course, the price paid for it.

2- Take into account the place where the forklift will be used:

Check whether your operation will be in an open or closed space. This will help you choose between electric or combustion models, as electric forklifts are usually used in closed spaces and, combustion ones, in open spaces due to the high noise and the emission of gases.

3- Check for the possibility of customization:

Choosing a good forklift goes through customization criteria, as each business has its specifics. In some cases, safety accessories that are not included with the machine may be necessary for its operation.

4- Pay attention to safety equipment:

Choose a forklift model that has the ideal safety features for your business. With each new line, new safety equipment is developed to avoid accidents and guarantee the best ergonomics for the operator.

5- Support is essential:

Choose a supplier that offers fast and comprehensive support for any problems or questions you have regarding your forklift.

6- Sustainability is important:

When choosing a forklift, think about the environment. Electric options are more sustainable and less harmful to the atmosphere. If your business allows you to choose between electric or combustion options, go electric! Here are some used forklift option you should try in starting

7- Find out what other customers say about the manufacturer:

It is important to research the opinion and satisfaction of other customers who have purchased equipment from the supplier you have chosen. Websites and social networks of companies can be a good channel to learn about these opinions.

8- Know how to invest:

If the biggest problem for you is money, it is important that you know exactly the payment and financing options that the supplier offers you before choosing the forklift of your dreams. Some brands charge more just for having a better known name.

9- Preventive maintenance:

Avoid surprises! When choosing the ideal forklift, start thinking about the ways in which you will carry out preventive maintenance of the equipment. This way, you can reduce repair costs and ensure that your procedure goes without interruptions.

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10- Choose a forklift that prioritizes operator Ergonomics:

Comfortable operators work best! Choosing a forklift that guarantees greater ergonomics for the operator is to think beyond its product: it is to see the human side of those who operate the machine. Adjustments in the height of the steering wheel and padded seats with the possibility of height adjustment are some examples that can help you choose the ideal equipment.

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