How to make a square tiered cupcake stand?

If you wish to place your favorite cupcakes in a proper stand, you have several options. You can also try making a cupcake stand at home. The process is simple and anyone can do it. Making a cupcake is an easy job and making a cupcake stand is no more a big deal. If you have a piece of proper knowledge about the process you can do it at any point in time. Once you are aware of the process you can make stands of any design and shape. Most people love to make square-tiered cupcake stands. This is better because you can place several cupcakes at the same time.

Steps of making square-tiered cupcake stand:

Let us follow some steps of making a square cupcake stand.

  • You have to use cake boards and cut that into a square shape. The dimensions depend upon you. If you want a larger one, you have to make the base up to that length. You have to cut three different dimensions of square-shaped boards. If you make one piece, you can easily do the rest two parts. It is an easier job.
  • To cover the cake boards you can use some coloured papers. You will get several such ones. To attach the papers you need glue. Paste the glue and put the paper on the board. You have to wait till the board gets dried.
  • Now take the satin ribbon and paste it on the board. If required, you can use a metal pin. But glues are always the best option. It will get stuck to the board. You can select any color of satin ribbon for this purpose. They are available in various designs and patterns.
  • The boards you have cut to make the stand are also known as dummies. To wrap the dummies you will require satin ribbons. To wrap the sides of the square-shaped dummies you will require the satin ribbon. You can use glue to stick the ribbon on the sides of the dummies. This will enhance the look of the dummies.  It would help if you remember that you must always prefer to enhance the look of the cupcake stand in the best possible manner. You can apply different ideas to make it look beautiful.
  • Now is time to assemble all the dummies together to make a perfect stand. You have to use robust double-sided carpet tapes. This will keep the dummies in the same position on the cake board. You must search for the best options.
  • You need to remember one thing once all the assembling process is complete, you must keep the stand in the same position. This needs to be continued for some time till the whole thing gets fully attached.
  • It may happen that you may not get all the required ingredients to make the cake stand. To do this, you can use a rolled fondant to wrap the board. It is not required to apply the exact materials.
  • You can also use various ideas to make the cupcake stands. It is okay if you replace the ingredients and use your ideas to make the stand. You have ample options. Many people also use square shape plastic plates to make a cupcake stand. Once the whole process is done, you will never recognize  the ingredients.

Final Thoughts:

Making cakes and presenting them in the best possible manner is all about creativity. You can use your skills and ideas to try something new. This will inspire other people to get some concepts and make other cupcake stands.

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