Insurance for connected cars: technology applied in favor of information and security

At this point in the film, we are all aware that technology is transforming the world, and both the motor world and the insurance field can give a good account of it since both sectors have experienced a brutal evolution in recent years.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg since the near future will be marked by a great technological explosion.

An example of this scenario is the growing number of connected cars that make up the universal mobile fleet, which is moving rapidly towards the future, changing its composition. But let’s define the concept, which still raises some questions for people who are not so familiar with the technology and the engine.

What is a connected car?

In the first place, we will define it by elimination because there may be people who are confused: a connected car does not mean the same as an autonomous car, which is capable of controlling its movement without the action of a driver.

A technology that is being worked on but whose ultimate goal – the manufacture of fully autonomous cars that offer great safety – will not be achieved for several decades.

Connected vehicles, on the other hand, are already a reality, although, of course, they also have a very wide margin for growth and development, as will continue to be seen over time.

But let’s go with the definition: a connected vehicle is one that is equipped with mobile technology, so it has internet.

But how does it work? Telematics is capable of connecting vehicles to the global network through a small device or factory-embedded technology so that the car owner can access the data.

A process that the imminent arrival of 5G will accelerate up to 100 times more than 4G, dramatically improving both the speed and quality of the connection.

What is “Connected Insurance”?

The insurance sector has also taken this train, and the most competitive companies already include car deductible insurance for connected cars in their offer.

These insurances add to the usual covers of a product of this branch, the installation in the insured’s vehicle of a telematic device that allows the connection between the company and its client.

The ultimate goal is to improve not only communication between both parties but, above all, to increase the safety and protection behind the wheel of the insured person. To all this, you can add a speaker and microphone system that allows you to expand the communication options.

Thanks to this type of device -which is generally connected quickly and easily at any arranged garage shortly after signing the policy- the insurance company is able to automatically geolocate the insured’s car; thus, In turn, the customer can access the assistance service simply by pressing a button.

Moreover, in the event of a serious accident, this type of technology would allow the insurance company to be notified proactively (that is, autonomously if the situation requires it) and even in the event that the client does not respond to the insurer, could send help directly to the precise location of the accident vehicle.

But this kind of technology not only seems very useful in the event of an accident but also provides the person who uses it with valuable information: start and endpoints of the journey that have been made, time and distance of a certain journey, score on the driving carried out, the last position of the vehicle or types of roads traveled.

Full support service, and more…

This technology is even more useful if, when the support of the insurer is needed, it is capable of providing a complete assistance service, offering the appropriate (efficient and rapid) response to multiple possibilities.

The claims operating center must take charge of facilitating the essential guarantees, from personal assistance to medical transfer or repatriation through towing service, even better if it is provided without a towing kilometer limit.

But a complete assistance service can take care of many more things, becoming an all-rounder:

  • Dispatch of a driver designated by the beneficiary in the event of an accident.
  • Coverage of multiple expenses, from those necessary for the continuation of the trip to those of accommodation, through those of displacement and stay for a companion in case hospitalization is necessary.
  • She is taking charge of the transport, custody, and repatriation of pets such as dogs or cats.

What do you think about the possibilities of connected cars and insurance? Quite an advance, right? Well, you can now take out our Connect & Go insurance to benefit from all the advantages that technology and the Internet offer for your car.

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