Why invest in a management platform? See 5 advantages for your Insurance Broker

Managing an Insurance Broker requires good control over deadlines, closings, good data analysis, and a good relationship with customers. In the middle of 2022, doing all this control without the help of technology is increasingly unfeasible, both because of the increasing amount of data produced and because customers are connected 24 hours a day on their smartphones.

The good news is that there are software providers that have developed specific management tools for insurance agents designed by those who understand the market and deal with the challenges of the sector on a daily basis. With the use of this tool, it is possible, in addition to organizing the day-to-day, to leverage sales and establish a closer relationship with customers from the improvement of service.

In order for you to understand the importance of having a good management platform, in this post, we present five advantages of having this solution. Check out!

Greater efficiency in daily processes

How much time a day do you waste with bureaucratic and repetitive tasks in your Brokerage? The time is taken to carry out all the steps manually — such as quotations, submissions and closing of proposals, research, reports of a new contract, etc. — without automation, it can take hours of work. This prevents the professional from working on specific strategies to improve their results.

By having a management platform, the Broker now has resources that optimize a series of processes through automation, contributing to increased productivity, reduced errors, time gain, and cost reduction. This is because the same tasks that took hours to be performed manually with automation are now performed in a few minutes.

With the help of a MultiCálculo tool, for example, it is possible to considerably speed up the process of calculating the policy value, speeding up the response to the client and helping him to make more accurate decisions.

More transparency in the payment of commissions

A good management platform aimed at Insurance Brokers must be able to integrate several areas, such as sales, finance, and accounting. This integration allows the centralization of data, providing greater accessibility to this information whenever it is needed.

With this centralization and ease of access, it is easier to maintain good control over commissions, with more transparency at the time of payment. This contributes to the reduction of conflicts that may occur between employees and the company, as it will be faster and more practical to present the necessary data to prove the values.

In this scenario, the Insurance Broker will be able to say goodbye to obsolete methods of controlling and storing information, such as spreadsheets and parallel tools, which can make data access inaccurate and difficult.

  1. Greater organization of customer data

Keeping customer data organized has always been an important task in any company. With the entry into force of the General Data Protection Law (LGPD), this mission has become even more important.

This is because the company needs to be transparent about the reasons for collecting the data, needing to explain how it will process this information. In addition, you will need to provide means for the customer to claim control over this information whenever they want.

Another important point in relation to the organization of customer data is the facilitation of information analysis. This is because, with the use of good management software, customer data is centralized in a database, facilitating access and giving the possibility of creating metrics and indicators.

With accessible data, the Broker can, for example, analyze whether customers have insurance in line with their demands. Whenever an interesting novelty appears that fits the profile of a group of customers, the company can create communication strategies to get in touch with them, using the information obtained.

Possibility of increasing sales

If the Broker has more time to organize their strategies and has greater access to customer data, they are more likely to make their sales. The greater speed in making quotes and offering insurance that is increasingly aligned to customers means that the company is able to better take advantage of opportunities.

In addition, the greater knowledge of consumers allows the Broker to create personalized strategies, facilitating the loyalty of these customers. The result is an increase in sales and spontaneous disclosure of the company; after all, a loyal customer is willing to recommend the services to their friends and family.

Optimize data securit

One of the great challenges of digital transformation is data security, both to protect companies from losing sensitive and strategic information and to protect their customers’ personal data.

Security risks are much greater when the company uses platforms without integration, such as spreadsheets, text documents, and standalone software. The possibility of losing this loose information – whether by loss, theft, or deletion – is much greater than if it were centralized in a single database with controlled and secure access.

This is possible when the company has a good management platform, as the supplier that has the know-how in the matter creates solutions that protect its customers, offering solutions that prevent unauthorized access to data.

As we have seen, the use of a good management platform can enhance the performance of your Insurance Broker, increasing productivity, process quality, security, and information protection. All this helps the company improve its results. But for this to be possible, it is important to have a good supplier that offers a quality solution.

TEx is a consolidated company in the market, recognized for developing good technological solutions for Insurance Brokers. When it comes to management platforms, the highlight goes to TELEPORT Pro, the ERP for brokers that delivers agility and efficiency in processes. With this management system, you can centralize the management of your customer portfolio, in addition to having access to the best MultiCálculo tool on the market.

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