3 documents that cannot be missing when carrying out a solar financing

Learn what a solar credit partner integrator needs to understand about energy billing, resubmission of slips, and documentation on behalf of the customer

Anyone who is a solar credit integrator at Mutual and relies on our financing platform to manage contracts more easily and autonomously knows that it is necessary to send several documents to continue the maturity loan process.

And the correct submission of customer documentation by the partner on our platform makes the analysis of solar energy financing even faster. That’s why we’ve separated some best practices on energy bills, resending bills and documents on behalf of the customer that will make the experience more agile. Check out!

energy bill

It is requested in order to confirm the data of the customer who requested the solar financing and, therefore, serves as proof of address and the person responsible for paying for the service. 

Sending this document provides more security regarding payment responsibility, in addition to informing the average consumption in the residence that must be compatible with the supply of the photovoltaic system, provided for in the contract. In this way, it generates greater security for the Integrator and also for the customer, who will not have to bear the costs of the energy bill outside the provisions of the contract.

Therefore, the document must correspond to the place of installation of the solar energy system and be in the name of the customer, spouse, or parents of the holder, as long as there is documentation that proves the links. In addition, it is important to ensure that the ticket is recent with a maximum expiration date of 3 months.

Finally, the solar energy integrator must guide the customer who requested the financing not to send an invoice with notices of cuts or delays and pending issues, because this directly interferes with the risk analysis and approval of the photovoltaic financing.

Re-sending of tickets

All our collection slips for payment of installments are sent before the due date, directly to the e-mail of the borrower of the financing. However, if he doesn’t receive it, we suggest that the integrator confirms with the client if the registered email is correct and checks the spam box.

If the problem is not resolved, the integrator must ask the customer to contact our customer service, via the email , request a resend and inform the CPF and registered email. After that, the customer can follow the request through a ticket number that will be automatically generated, and, as soon as the tickets are sent, they will be informed.

Contract, project, budget, and bank statement. Why should they be in the customer’s name?

When the customer applies for solar energy financing with Mutual, there are some documents that are required to prove the borrower’s ability to pay and financial condition. After approval of the credit analysis, we request the submission of documents that prove and formalize the financial commitment, bringing more security to the Partner integrator and to Mutual Solar. 

Therefore, the documentation must be in the name of the client who requested the financing, in order to prove that he will be fully responsible for the payment of the installments. 

Now that you’ve made it this far, we hope these best practices will help make your experience with us even faster and easier. And if you still have questions, our specialized service team can help you, just get in touch. Good sales!

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