Advantages of private health insurance

Health is one of the issues that most concerns society in general. This implies that more and more citizens are deciding to take out private health insurance, even making it compatible with public health.

Private health insurance provides a large number of advantages to those who subscribe to it. More convenient and faster healthcare is one such advantage. The large number of services and benefits that private health puts at your fingertips is also another relevant reason for taking out private health insurance.

Faster care and shorter waiting lists in private healthcare

One of the great advantages of private health insurance is that it allows health care much faster than public health. The lists and waiting times in private health centers are, as a general rule, much shorter, especially to access consultations with specialist doctors.

Private health insurance will prevent you from having to wait weeks to receive routine care or perform a specific diagnostic test. The hours and availability of the doctors are also usually more extensive, so you will have more alternatives when you need to request appointments. In short, in private healthcare, you will receive more personalized attention and, of course, quality.

Freedom of choice of doctors and hospital centers

As the holder of private health insurance, you have at your disposal a wide, and varied medical team made up of renowned medical specialists. You can freely choose any of them based on your tastes or your confidence. This greater decision-making capacity is fundamental since trust is precisely the basis on which the relationship between doctor and patient must be sustained at all times.

As a general rule, private health insurance also gives you the option of choosing between several hospital centers to carry out those treatments or tests that are prescribed for you. Also, if you need to be hospitalized, you can enjoy a single room without having to share it with other patients, which means greater privacy.

What other advantages does private health insurance give me?

Apart from speed, there are many other benefits associated with having a private health policy. Some of the most prominent would be the following:

  • Direct appointment with the specialists. In the public health service, it is mandatory to first go to the family doctor to make an appointment with a specialist doctor. On the other hand, this procedure disappears with a private medical policy since it is possible to request an appointment directly in the specific medical specialty that you need. The flexibility of schedules is broader, so you can ask for your appointments without altering your daily commitments too much.
  • Assistance abroad. If you have good private medical insurance, you will be able to access international emergency assistance coverage practically anywhere in the world. In this way, you will be able to count on the necessary protection in the event of an accident or illness during a trip. This advantage is especially interesting if you travel frequently.
  • Innovative Treatments. Private healthcare is inclined to use the most avant-garde and innovative medical treatments. This opens up the possibility of having, when necessary, interesting complementary or alternative therapeutic options.
  • Medical guidance 24 hours a day. Thanks to the telephone and online services of private health insurance, you can have a team of health professionals at your disposal 24 hours a day, seven days a week. You will thus be able to consult any information regarding diseases, health prevention, treatments, medicines, or medical centers that you need.

What private health insurance to choose?

When contracting private average health insurance, it is important that you are clear about what specific benefits you are going to need more regularly and which ones not so much, since the insurance premium can vary substantially depending on the coverage you contract. To this end, it is advisable that you make an exhaustive comparison between the products offered by the different entities that sell medical insurance in order to know which are the best options for you.

To carry out this comparison, we advise you to use the medical insurance comparator. It is a very easy-to-use tool, fast and efficient to the maximum. Using this comparator, you will have at your disposal in a few minutes a real-time list of the best private health insurance. In this way, you will be able to opt for the policy that best suits your needs, budget, and expectations.

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