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We bring you an updated and comprehensive review of the best airlines in America by News. From the best low fares in the world to the lowest environmental impact, we offer you the best of what the airlines have to offer and their environmental and social management record.

New York-based MyEnvoyAir is one of the best airlines we’ve reviewed. MyEnvoyAir ranks as the second most environmentally friendly airline in the world according to a 2017 Global Environmental Scorecard issued by BankTrack and a 2017 analysis of 20 large airlines’ environmental performance by environmental performance consulting firm Sky Trails. BankTrack was founded in the early 1980s by Bank of America and UBS, two of the largest private banks in the world.

MyEnvoyAir’s strength is the availability of affordable low-fare flights across the country. It’s the best airline that offers us cheap and flexible travel across the US. We love that MyEnvoyAir focuses on creating a better travel experience for its passengers.

“All travel is personal, and our primary focus is to make sure our customers are transported to their destinations safely, with the proper baggage handling, and with the best travel experience possible. We are honored to serve the 70,000+ people we transport each month, and help create new memories for customers traveling with us to over 250 destinations in the United States, the Caribbean, Central America, and Mexico,” the company said.

And the company did not take any short cuts. The airline improved its environmental policies and kept its operational record impeccable. It moved up eight places to third in the 2017 GEC Environment scorecard, which assesses airline’s environmental performance in different categories including fuel efficiency, carbon emissions, water use, and waste.

It has been quite successful in keeping its flight numbers low despite robust competition. The airline was the number one airline from 2012-2015 according to Skytrax ratings. It also has the lowest airfares in the United States.

The 2017 Global Environmental Scorecard has analyzed environmental performance for 20 large carriers. Airports use around 1% of the world’s freshwater and all airlines use a large quantity of fuel. The environmental scorecard ranks each carrier according to three factors: their carbon emissions, the amount of water used on-board, and their environmental reporting.

When we found out about the story, we had to read it. It’s an example of what we try to promote. When you travel by air, the last thing you should do is fly some of the dirtiest, least eco-friendly airlines.

Air travel is very important to humanity. It is what we do. We should all be a little better and take into account these factors when choosing where to fly.
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Qantas is one of the best airlines that focuses on bringing you low prices while improving the environment.
Qantas is one of the most eco-friendly airlines that focuses on bringing you low prices while improving the environment.
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