Best Black And White Rug

White-and-black floors, whether the kitchen linoleum or hand-crafted ceramic tiles for bathrooms, look timeless, timeless and striking, and totally irresistible to me.┬áIf you don’t have time or money to completely revamp your flooring, you can still get the look by using any of these extremely affordable and amazing black and white rugs for less than $200.

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LAPPLJUNG RUTA, IKEA, 6’7”x9’10”, $99.99

I’ve seen this carpet–or another similar one–in many House Tours, and it always looks stunning. It’s said to be perfect for dining rooms due to “the flat-woven surface makes it easy to pull out the chairs and vacuum.”

Triangle Rag Rug, Urban Outfitters, 4’x6′, $99

Here’s a classic cotton rag rug perfect for these triangles-on-everything times. It’s hand-woven, low-profile and earned 4.5 stars out of 23 reviews, including that one: “I have this rug for over two years now and I still love it.” It’s great to know it’s held well!

Hilda Monica Rug, AllModern, 5’x7’6”, $194.99

The ever-fun Swiss cross is featured on this 100% wool hand-tufted rug. It’s also available in black with white crosses, which is equally delightful–especially if you tend to spill.

Marlton Textured Wool Rug, Target, 5’x8′, $115.49

Do you not have the money to redo your floors with stunning hand-crafted tiles? This rug, which is rated 4.5 stars out of 14 reviews — is an excellent option for you to save.

Nourison Linear Rug, AllModern, 3’9”x5’9”, $156.71

The tiles! This rug is hand-knotted in India made of 100% wool. It’s got 4.5 stars out of 6 reviews that include: “[it] makes the whole space look incredibly sophisticated.”

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End Line Rug CB2, 5’x8′ for sale at $116.00

Does this rug come with a shirt? I’d love to wear that. It was made by hand in India using 100 percent cotton.

Plum & Bow Connected Stripe Rag Rug, Urban Outfitters, 4’x6′, $59

I love the summery , Scandi style of this one however, it’s additionally available in black, with elegant white stripes.

Patterned Rug, H&M, 4’7”x6’7”, $199.99

I’m seeing this abstract geometric design everywhere at the moment however this is the only one that is priced at a low level. It’s a long-pile weave of wool and cotton which makes it ideal to wear during the colder months ahead.

STOCKHOLM Rug, IKEA, 5’7”x7’10”, $199

The rug has achieved iconic status in the world of design most likely because it’s big, inexpensive, reversible and was woven “in India in organized weaving centers with good working conditions and fair wages.”

Ella Rug, Target, 4’x5’7”, $134.99

I love these faded types of rugs. And this black and white one will look great with everything and give your house the mysterious look of the old manse that has been abandoned for a long time.

Dash & Albert Tattersall Rug, Wayfair, 4’x6′, $117

Why did it not occur to me that a black-and-white plaid could make the most adorable rug? The rug is made by hand in India from 100 100% cotton. It is also hand washed.

Olin Striped Rug, Crate & Barrel, 5’x8′, $149

Classic. It’s also “hand-loomed by artisans skilled in flat-weave construction” in India using 100% cotton. It won’t be out of fashion anytime very soon.

This stunningly dramatic rug, which is the sole non-patterned selection in this roundup can be purchased in the size of 5’3”x7’7” priced at just under the $200 limit. It was rated 5 stars by 16 reviews and one of them reads: “Soft. Looks amazing. It’s much more appealing in person than the images.” It’s also my opinion that these photos are already stunning!

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Spotted Door Mat, Spartan, $80

This is clearly an entrance mat, but it’s adorable enough to be included. It’s handwoven from fique–“a sturdy and durable fiber derived in the leaves of the succulent tropical American plant belonging to the genus Fique,” according to Merriam Webster. It’s also extremely absorbent.

Car Track Cotton Rug, H&M, 3’x4’3”, $34.99

I was looking to include a rug for kids, so here’s my fun choice. The machine washable rug is 100% cotton and has an anti-slip backing. It will aid in teaching your children about urban planning as well as the importance of bicycle lanes.


Carpetright’s Daytona rug is a reworking of the popular chevron design that adds just a bit more interest in design with the geometric pattern of different-sized triangles.


The most beautiful Berber rug designs are among the most popular trending interior designs of the past decade and you can purchase a low-cost version of George on Asda. We love the stylish style.


Line art designs can found on a variety of home accessories, however rug is a good large canvas for this creative style. It is best to use it when not under a table or in bed to allow it to be appreciated in all its glory.


It’s impossible to do wrong with a classic spot design This wool rug made by Habitat provides a stunning textures too.


A blend of the minimalist Scandi pattern as well as an animal print that is close to Zebra This striped rug from Made can be used in an array of designs for interiors.


The rug from Next is stylish and is a fantastic way to incorporate small-scale prints to your design. It can be paired with larger prints or plains to ensure that your space does not feel cluttered.

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Inspired by rugs from The American Mid-West, this lightweight rug pattern by Cox & Cox is perfect for hallways.

Rug Solid Grey Illusion Bamboo Rug

Made by hand in India made of bamboo, with its back side constructed from the recycled fabric of cotton. This rug by Danish rug brand Rug Solid is as fashionable as it is environmentally friendly. The monochromatic patterns can add the dimension to any space. Combine the rug with Rug Solid’s non-slip mat, made out of organic Jute.

Nordic Knots Untitled 1 Dusty White/Black

Swedish rug brand Nordic Knots has teamed up with Danish contemporary artist Carsten Beck Nielsen to create this distinctive rug. It is a geometric pattern that has been painted using a shaggy hand-knotted pile, laid on a flat-woven wool canvas. It was designed in Stockholm and hand-crafted in India by artisans who weave with the highest grade New Zealand wool, it’s extremely soft and comfortable underfoot, and is made to last.

Polkra Yew Handwoven Cotton Rug

British homewares brand Polkra has gained a reputation for its thoughtful designs, and this beautiful cotton Dhurrie rug is no exception. Typically hand-woven using smooth weave. It has the hand-crafted look that Polkra is known for.

Soho Home Jarrett Rug

The Jarrett Rug features a unique geometric graphic pattern that is that is inspired by the contemporary furnishings of the Soho House’s White City House. The contrast of the low and high pile of the wool blend hand-tufted gives a lovely texture will make you want to resist sinking in your toes.

MADE Caixa Wool Rug

The monochromatic flat weave carpet made of cotton and wool by MADE is tough and extremely insulating, as well as fashionable due to its sleek and modern style. Combine it with other items of the Caixa collection to create a cohesive and cozy living space.

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